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Travel tips for trips up to the end of the year

Just eleven weeks left before the end of this year. Many employers does not allow to convert unused vacation into the next year and so many people can get the perfect opportunity to use the remaining time off and go for relaxation. Public holidays in October and November also allow go even beyond. We bring you tips on the best trips for October, November and December.

The days will gradually reduce, diminishing light and warm autumn days. Now is the ideal time to disrupt the gray autumn and set out for the warm sea, good food and new experiences. Travel in this period will pay off. The price of tours goes down rapidly after the summer, and in addition can be used during a few days to catch more. On the monuments is worth several hours of queues and no trips must be booked several months in advance.

"Although the Czech tourists believe that the fall already are required to exotic destinations to enjoy the heat, it's not entirely true. Even in some European countries may fall to enjoy a pleasant climate, "says
Michal Tuma ( His words are confirmed by the weather forecast. For example, Crete reports on the following days the air temperature approaching thirty and water temperature pleasant twenty-four degrees.

Enjoy Italy with all your senses

Because Italy is just a few hours drive away, it is a popular summer destination of Czech families. If you dread the idea of ​​a crowded Bibione, autumn is the ideal time in which to give Italy a chance. Pleasant temperatures are like made for visiting ancient monuments. And in the warm evenings you can already taste this year's vintage Italian wines.

True gourmets should not miss the October Truffle festival in the northern city of Alba, which is home to this expensive delicacy. If you do not have hundreds of euros to spare, you can at least enjoy the local restaurants, a variety of truffle creations.
"If you're more than truffles and prosciutto attracts Italian culture, go on the greatest Italian opera festival named after the world-famous composer Verdi. Concerts and theater performances are held in Parma and the surrounding area throughout October, "said Tuma.

Autumn color play in Japan

Every spring leaves thousands of tourists to Japan to shoot a blossoming cherry. Nobody really knows, however, that the Japanese autumn is perhaps even more photogenic than spring. Climb to access one of the ancient temples and enjoy a view of the flood of red, yellow and orange leaves. In addition, if you get up early, you will avoid tourist crowds and the tall maple trees will not only beautiful photographs, but also a moment of utter tranquility. If you do not want to leave nothing to chance, you can watch the local weather falling leaves. You will learn, for example, where the current leaves the color.

For oysters to Cornwall

Waves breaking on rocks several meters, green fields and stone houses with large fireplaces. If you want to feel like heroes from the books of Jane Austen, go to England this fall. Along the coast you will find many interesting trails that take you through the south of the island to the north. Along the way, plus you can stop at the oyster festival in Falmouth and test not only fresh seafood, as well as a variety of other specialties of the county of Cornwall.

"When you get tired of harsh nature, definitely head to the capital. London gains in November memorable Christmas atmosphere and pleasant tunes on you slowly approaching the holidays, "says Michal Tuma. In addition to the sights do not miss the London stores. Can you had purchased a number of interesting Christmas gifts for a fraction of what in our country.

Learn about marine life in Thailand

To have a beach just for yourself, head to fall to Thailand. Although now the water temperature is also very pleasant air, the biggest rush of tourists waiting for the Thai islands until after the New Year. So go to Asia in the autumn and enjoy a half-empty hotels and lower prices. If you are tired of lying on the beach, pay at least a day trip with diving. Beginners get a snorkel and experienced divers can dive to a depth of several meters. Thai coral reefs offers a spectacle that never gets old.

Give yourself a hot chocolate on the most beautiful square in Europe

If the entire year are eagerly awaiting Christmas, but Christmas markets in the Czech Republic even neighbors already tired of you, head to Belgium. The main square in Brussels is often described as the most beautiful square in Europe and December is the best time to make sure of that. You can expect traditional fries in paper bags, fresh mussels or hot chocolate. "The Belgians have a yearly depend on the Christmas decoration, so December is a great time when you can see for example the Gothic Town Hall from the fifteenth century and the Maison du Roi bathed in a fun Christmas lights show, "adds Michal Tuma of the travel agency Invia.

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