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You do not want injuries? Learn how to survive in traffic

Continuous development and ease congestion, setting ever higher demands on the care and attention of pedestrians. We will tell who is most at risk and how to protect the roads.

In 2013 there was on Czech roads for 3243 accidents between vehicle and pedestrian, when it was injured 3262 people and killed 159 people. Pedestrian traffic is the weakest link, and in case of conflict, it was usually the one who is injured or dies. Most threats are individuals who are not careful, however, some groups of people the risk is even higher.
Men - are statistically more likely to hurt than women.
Seniors - risk of death due to an accident increases with age, reason is the aging of the organism and its reduced ability to compensate and respond to various stressful situations.
Children - are at higher risk because of the low altitude, inability to judge distance and speed of vehicles and the lack of experience with road traffic.
Teens and young adults (15-29 years) - According to statistics, the most frequent patients at outpatient wards and intensive care units with injuries from accidents.
Pedestrians under the influence of alcohol - as well as drivers under the influence of alcohol running a major risk factor. According to statistics constitute even a third of pedestrians injured in a collision with a vehicle.

Principles for pedestrians

Use transitions. If possible, always to move to designated areas and marked. The driver is usually prepared for such a possibility, as when he suddenly jump in front of a car, often not manage to react.
Increase your visibility. This protection is crucial especially at night, but it applies equally well during the day. In addition, the transition to always stand in a prominent place, for example, not behind a pillar. At night, it is important to wear reflective elements, especially if you go along the roadside.
Walk facing the opposite direction. If the situation requires you to go over the edge of the road, always walk in the opposite drive vehicles. It is much safer because you see the approaching vehicle.

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