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How to save in the bathroom? Taking a cold shower and get yourself aerator

How to save in the bathroom? Taking a cold shower and get yourself aerator The bathroom is a place that has a significant impact on our energy consumption. Every day, here an average household consumes about 112 liters of water. In addition, a total of 19% of the energy we will use just her heat. We have prepared a proven and lesser-known advice that make you reduce your annual energy bill by hundreds of dollars.

Instead shower bath and save up to 120 liters

Czechs one bath consume an average 150 liters of water, with luxury corner bath and 200 liters. As the saying famous advice, prioritizing showers instead of baths to reduce consumption by 120 liters. Already fewer people, however, know that a major impact on saving shower has a showerhead. Older types of heads and consume 20 liters per minute. Using economical head consumption can decrease even at 6-8 liters per minute, without distinction felt when showering. Another possibility is the application of universal shower water saving, makes it possible to adjust the flow rate from 6 to 14 liters per minute. "For maximum savings recommend using energy-saving shower hose equipped with a stop valve to allow easy off and on again the shower while showering," says Roman Kouba from E.ON, which issued a manual-saving household.

Interesting fact: One bath costs around 12 crowns, shower on 4 Crown.

When brushing your teeth stop the water

A proven tool in saving in the bathroom is just aerator, which can be easily screwed onto the faucet. "Aerator mixes water with air. Current leakage of water and gain in volume, while dramatically reduces water consumption by up to half, "explains Roman Kouba. Another aspect that is important to take into account the regular checking faucets. If the tap water spontaneously flows, we have wasted approximately 90 liters of water per week. We also recommend replacing the battery with a lever at the withers, water consumption is reduced by up to 30%.

Fundamental errors which Czechs also often make is dentifrice when the discarded water. "If we let the water running all the time, which are an average of two minutes, drained and 20 liters of water. If you brush your teeth three times a day, the annual cost can climb to about 1700 crowns, "outlines Kouba. Therefore, it is generally recommended to stop water in oral hygiene. A good tip for saving is used in teeth cleaning a crucible in which we consume only about 2 deciliter of water.

Interest: For example, at 10 drops per minute, the hot water flows through the sink approximately 40 liters of water per week, which is a loss of 3 kWh. On water and sewage per year would pay unnecessarily for two cubic meters of water.

Half-flush button to reduce water consumption from 10 to 3 liters

Second place where most energy is consumed in the bathroom, the toilet. Per flush tank is full of water consumption upwards of 10 liters. In the event that toilet extra flows, daily water consumption reaches more than 150 liters. In this case, it is necessary to replace the seal. If the household has more men, it is appropriate to consider investment in a urinal. Consumption per flush is much lower in the finals. "Proven saving tool is the automatic toilet stop, which is placed directly into the reservoir. Another way of saving is a container with double or triple flushing setting. Saving per flush is about 7 liters of water, "says Kouba from E.ON.

Interesting fact:
In 7 visits to the toilet every day and consumes 70 liters of water per person, or about 5.50 crowns. Annually, more than 1,900 crowns.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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