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The seven biggest myths about infertility

Although infertility is often discussed topic among people still circulating myths and untruths about her that can often hurt.

Infertility affects more and more couples. Nevertheless, this issue is not openly discussed in a series of echoes nonsense. A particularly among people affected by infertility at all affected.

The first woman to conceive is easy

It is true that many women have greater difficulty conceiving. This fact, however, varies significantly with age. While the probability of healthy women in their thirties getting pregnant each month is 20% (which incidentally also is not sky-high figure), with forty healthy women this chance is only 5%.

2nd Men do not have a problem with infertility

The opposite is true. Men have, according to statistics the exact same fertility problems as a woman. Among infertile couples in 35% of cases, the cause of the other women, as well as 35% of causes in men. In 20% of the ground is present in both of the pair and in 10% the cause of infertility can never be revealed.

3rd Infertility is a psychological, not a health issue

Infertility as a psychological or even psychiatric diagnosis does not exist. Only in infertile couples seeing more stress and related psychological problems. Advice like "take a good rest," we will help to feel better, but it certainly does not remove the cause of infertility themselves.

Fourth vapors are sufficiently trying finally squeezed babies

The frequency of intercourse is important, but not saving herself. Too frequent intercourse lowers sperm quality.

5. When a couple decides to adoption, the woman manages to get pregnant

Adoption is beautiful and praiseworthy thing, and this claim reduces its weight. In addition, statistics says that only 5% of couples after completing adoptions spontaneously pregnant. This number is the same for couples who have no children and has adopted would also not treated.

6th Infertility is a common reason for divorce

It is certain that experience repeated failed attempts to conceive not easy. The couple has endured a series of unpleasant moments. Many spouses, however, indicates that, on the contrary, after going through this experience to their relationship deepened and strengthened.

7th infertile couple never feel a sense of happiness and fulfillment

Dream to have a baby and strive for it is one of the foremost desire at all. If it fails but a few will overcome this life stage, whether with the desired child, or without this life experience, life does not stop. On the contrary, it opens the next stage of life and possibilities.

So do not go out of tune himself among the claims. Get advice from medical experts and get truly relevant information.

Author of the article: PharmDr. Hana Bakhouche
Source: U lékař

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