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Prague Zoo: New couple Mangust dwarf has a first chicks

The exhibition pavilion Africa closer to the new family shows Mangust dwarf with five cubs. Quintuplets these little beasts that Prague Zoo behaves almost the whole day very active. Observe their antics and family life is one of the most interesting experiences.

"The five pups were born newly assembled breeding pair in the hinterland of the zoo 9 August 2015. The exposition in the pavilion Africa is closely dwarf mongoose shares with males combos Garnett, who would newborn Mangusta, weighing about 20 grams could pose a danger.

Now the chicks are big enough and was able to move back with her ​​parents to the exhibition. It is the first successfully bred a litter of this couple. Mangusta dwarf was first bred in the Prague Zoo in the newly renovated pavilion Africa up close in 2005, yet here we bred 16 chicks, "says the curator of mammals Pavel Brandl.

Mangusta dwarf is the smallest beast bred in the Prague Zoo in the adult weighs around just 500 grams. They live in family groups, which may have up to about twenty members. Reproduces only one dominant female.

Source: tz Prague Zoo
Author tz: Jana Myslivečková
Photo to tz: Petr Hamerník

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