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Prague Zoo: chicks křovináře ostnitého and family of dogs forest

Prague Zoo: chicks křovináře ostnitého and family of dogs forest Seven pups were born in the Prague zoo with křovinářů spiny, poisonous snakes chřestýšovitých, who got their name from the characteristic projections above the eyes. Cubs from their parents inherited pink and green color combination. They are about 20 centimeters long with dramatically contrasting colored tails, which attracts attention with its kořist.V zoo is to see a family of playful dogs forest.

"Young křovinářů still see through. In the first undressing they have duller colors and are seen flaking old skin flakes. Yellow tail tip attract prey, which are in this age, especially frogs and small lizards, "says the curator of reptiles and amphibians Zoo Praha Petr Velenský.

Bothriechis schlegelii are characterized by their projections above the eyes, which are particularly prey to the masking purpose.
It serves to break the rounded shape of striking face. Czech name křovináře somewhat inaccurately reflects precisely these structures, in English it is called "serpent race". The second characteristic of this kind, which distinguishes it from other members of the family is immense variability in color.
"It creates a naturally wide variety of forms, virtually the entire range of leafy green may be yellow, brick red, or pink blossoms by, or brown like withered leaves. All our pups inherited pinkish-green color. Not only because of its coloring snakes are not very attractive, and therefore are in collections of zoological gardens is relatively abundant, "says Peter Velenský.

Bothriechis schlegelii (Bothriechis schlegelii) is a pit viper snake from the southern parts of Central and northern South America. It grows about 70 cm in length and has a strong sexual dvojtvarost. Females are large, have a big head, and at that length look like a pretty big snake, males are thin and small. Females give birth after a gestation of about six to twenty young (but mostly around ten).

Křovináři are arboreal and nocturnal snakes.
On the ground practically come down, spend their days motionless in the position you choose in the night. They feed on a wide variety of arboreal vertebrates. Their venom contains mainly hemorrhagic component decomposes therefore blood. Snakes do not bite too excitable and therefore are less frequent. The effect of the poison can not be underestimated, however, is not the strongest, and with proper treatment should not be fatal.

The Prague Zoo is bothriechis schlegelii kept from 2012, respectively, this year was their breeding restored. Three representatives of this kind were in the Prague zoo has early 70s. Breeding was also briefly interrupted by floods in 2013. The current pair with pups is located in the exhibition in the Pavilion of beasts and reptiles. Terrarium inhabited by a Basilisk green.

Dogs jungle

In August, the pack expanded three more puppies, which, together with his siblings from last předloňského litter and frolic in the indoor and outdoor exposure.

This year's pups were born on Friday, August 7, and their older siblings with them not only actively play, but also acts as a so-called. Helper. Does this mean that parents assist in the care of babies, which is the canine quite common. Father of puppies is a very interesting origin, comes from the Japanese Yokohama and its cubs are valuable for breeding.

The Prague zoo keeps dogs forest since 1988, has since managed to breed a variety of juveniles. His home found throughout Europe, but also in North America, Japan and some of them even returned to his native South American continent. In Prague Zoo visitors can now see a pack of nine dogs forest.

Source: tz Prague Zoo
Photo: P. Velenský

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