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2030: Samozásobovací fridge and furniture from banana.

Technology is a process that can not be stopped and it occurs all around us. Does not only computers, mobile phones and communication tools, it is increasingly becoming a part of our household and housing ..

While passive houses, which first appeared in 1990 in Germany, needed only ten years to become relatively commonplace, smart phones or TV people liked even earlier. As Czech households will look like in ten years, what technology will be an integral part, will be described in the following article.

The number of intelligent household by 2019 more than doubled

Together with a requirement to reduce the energy value of the house will also increase the demands on household equipment and technology. At the moment he has a little one can imagine that would work without washing machines, dishwashers, microwave ovens, dryers or automatic cleaner. Everything will be in the coming years, but moved a little farther. Experts estimate that the trend of intelligent household by 2019 in the European Union even increased by 61%.

Since 2020, will build a passive house

In 2010, the European Union EU Directive 20-20-20 that from 2020 they will build a new building, which correspond to the nature of passive houses. Passive House is a type of construction that emphasizes minimal energy consumption for heating or hot water. It is not, therefore, important that a building system for the construction of a passive house will be elected. Usually used wood, masonry or brick structures. What is important is that the house reflect the annual requirement for heating, the annual primary energy demand and the airtightness of the building.

The trend will be smart homes

Intelligent house is characterized by being energy self-sufficient and independent energy supplies from outside. Characteristic for this type of building it is that it alone house can create an optimal environment for life inside, both through building structures, as well as through systems management houses . The aim is to live in a house that is multi-purpose, providing maximum comfort, entertainment and security at the lowest cost of ownership.

Now the safety and comfort of living in the various control devices will be crucial for a happy life. The norm in home security systems will therefore entrance and garage doors. "Part of the vast majority of doors will be automatic and high quality motor. Gates also have a gearbox constructed so that it prevents undesirable mechanical opening of the door, even in the event of a power failure, "said Lubomír Valenta of company Lomax." In a few years people will no longer require a comprehensive security system for your property. That they can ensure only components from a single manufacturer. All elements such as garage doors, gates, shutters and blinds, can be easily programmed within the central system of the building, "said Valenta.

Thus, the future will fully depend on the internet, which will not only connect people with the world, with the bank or employer, smart applications will facilitate their daily lives. A novelty in the housing sector will be as smart doorbell that if the homeowner is not at home, through the Internet phone connects with the owner, allowing you to communicate with a visit from a distance. The doors will be open again by cell phone or remote control.

Digital households make housing

The digital home is highly associated with digital technologies and automation. An example of this can be smart automatic lights that detect motion, but also smoke. When moving, the lights automatically turn off after a while. If they are connected to a smoke detector, able to blink warning light and draw attention to the risk of fire. Clever lighting can also set up automatic intensity and color of light for different activities.

In any kitchen will for several years be also intelligent appliances. The normal way to a microwave oven, which calculates the energy value of food that is stored in it. Each household will have samozásobovací refrigerator that orders food via the Internet, in which a programmed automatic loss. Households are also washing machines, which themselves wash their clothes, then it dried and stacked the. Another achievement can be intelligent mirror during makeup and brushing teeth or receive weather reports.

Change also confesses household. Furniture will be made of natural material - for example, banana fiber, which is very flexible and at the same time firm. The trend will also be ecological materials and wood, which adapts itself to the load, skin. Sleep will be more comfortable and safer. Already, there are mattress pads that monitor breath, heart rate or blood pressure. Compounds from which it will produce clothing and bedding, will contain sensors that detects a sweat acidity and salts. The future of entertainment is also linked to health. Part of the household can be a conveyor belt that is connected to a computer creating an artificial reality. Other attractions can be a wardrobe that hides example mini-golf course.

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