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Colourful kind of a dick flying comet. A documentary about Filip Topol.

Colourful kind of a dick flying comet. A documentary about Filip Topol. The new documentary by director Vaclav Kucera talks about Filip Topol, composer, lyricist, pianist and singer of Dog Soldiers, whose work struck three generations.

Colourful image Takovej dick flying comet, which enters theaters on September 24, reveals how the environmental fate and attitudes Filip Topol reflect the period before and after the Velvet Revolution, his obsession with music and love for Mozart, but also his serious illness.

"The idea is to let the film come from myself. That end came so quickly and unexpectedly. Midsentence. I had the feeling that not all is said, I could not put up with such an abrupt end. I do not know how it came, and suddenly I was immersed in it, "he says
of the film producer Romek Hanzlik.

The documentary portrays a personality reminds Filip Topol also previously unpublished interviews and archives, which often surprised and filmmakers. "Several times we considered whether certain materials are used or not. Sometimes it's a little on edge. More but do not want to give away everything in the film, "says Romek Hanzlik.

The whole film pervade the songs themselves Filip Topol marked as a form of his diaries, and his short stories, accompanied by insights and memories of the band members Dog Soldiers, brother Joachim and his other companions and friends.

Trailer for the film

Filip Topol

Pianist, singer, composer and lyricist of the band Dog Soldiers, was universally talented, charismatic and captivating performer, who indulged fate endowed with many talents, but also numerous sufferings. Born on 12 June 1965 in a family with a long artistic tradition (father of playwright Josef Topol, writer's grandfather Karel Schulz, brother of writer Jáchym Topol). Outside the music and lyrics he wrote several novels with his own illustrations and applied to also as an actor in theater and film Razors, where he played a major role.

First captivated audiences dissident twelve years of solo performances in a barn in Hrádeček by Vaclav Havel, which opened for the band The Plastic People of the Universe. Shortly afterwards he founded with his classmates from elementary school Hazuka John and David Rock band Dog Soldiers, who became the next 35 years of his central creative space.

After a memorable debut at the Jazz Days in 1979 and after several years the ban started from the mid-eighties to appear at concerts in clubs like the Žižkov plantations or Delta Dedina. Sold out halls, original music and lyrics as well as his charisma and ability to give himself fully to his audience risking, if not unprecedented in our country.

After November 1989, the band came into widespread awareness and professionalize it. Began to appear not only in the clubs, major venues including Lucerna, but also at numerous festivals. Toured throughout Europe, the USA and Japan, their songs have been used in films. They became cult, which together drew an audience of three generations and has much to offer today's audience.

Eighteen albums and countless concerts in particular are permanently remarkable chapter in the history of Czech modern music. Dog Soldiers got out last May 25, 2013 in Amsterdam. June 19 the same year life of Filip Topol concluded.

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