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Jezerka begin the new season 3001. performances

Jezerka begin the new season 3001. performances Divadlo Na Jezerce begins after the holidays serve new theater menu. Its 14th season opens Hřebejková, perfectly cast tragicomedy to the touch and so credited to his account 3001. Divadlo Na Jezerce. Conversely, putting the last we will see Around the World from the workshop Tereza Nemcova.

Fans and spectators can look forward to real treats other star of the first magnitude. Visitors to the stage after the holiday lights for the first time on Monday 14 September and Marberova play Closer, directed by Jan Hrebejk entered into tables as 3001. Nusle performance scene. Other plans reveals himself Principal Theatre Na Jezerce Jan Hrušínský "rehearse for four new audiences premieres, two of which will be given in the Czech Republic as the first. I would also like visitors Jezerkou invited into the new restaurant, which for them within the theater soon. "Since the beginning of the season will be open bar in the foyer at evening performances also an outdoor garden, and in mid-October, the offer will complement the new restaurant, which will be accessible to viewers and wide area, as well as actors.

News that before the season told Jan Hrušínský promise great opportunities for the actors as well as a star of the first magnitude, "In October, we begin to rehearse the dramatization of the bestseller Eugene Bocek last aristocrat, which will premiere on Dec. 7, 2015, directed by Ernest Goldflam, who is signed under Na Jezerce Audience sought after titles Darda and Comedians. The game is about an aristocratic family Kostka from Dice, who after the revolution, returning from exile in New York in the Czech Republic to take back to their devastated chateau and overcome various obstacles to them in the way, "says the actor and the principal DNJ Jan Hrušínský - after health complications back in shape - and adds another viewing experience, "Director Radek Balaš (staging rehearsal, I, Francois Villon) ready for spring Canadian game Mark Leiren-Young, Shylock, where the role of actor Jon for the first time to our audience Na Jezerce excellent Slovak actor Milan Kňažko ".

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