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Why talk to animals?

Animals surround us. They live with us. They help us. As with them, but can we talk? The answer will give a public meeting of fifteen human-animal couples who live together, work together and communicate. The project prepared the Goethe-Institut and the desired creative group Mobile Academy in Berlin as part of the Pilsen - European Capital of Culture 2015.

Leading German photographer Pola Sieverding will visit on Sept. 24 in Pilsen DEPO2015 to the public eye captured the intimate relationship patroness Honey Mládková with her ​​dogs, actor Vaclav Vydra horse demon, Pilsen teacher Teresa Porubová Pipka with chicken and other "curious" pairs. A part of the film program full of mysterious "animal" scenes shots from Jean Luc Godard, Peter Greenaway and Werner Herzog, and also comments scientific researchers in the field of Animal Studies.

"Science, art and experiences of everyday life performing in one day together in one arena where the starring introduce animals," says
author of the project Hannah Hurtzig of Mobile Academy Berlin, "15 mixed couples, among whom are animals, celebrities and unknowns people reveal in front Pilseners their friendship. Eagle and his falconer, pig svislobřiché his human client, an assistance dog and his trainer or python with a caregiver. It's about talking to them, to recognize them as complex beings, give them space and listen to them, "explains Hurtzig.

Visitors will receive at the entry ports with headphones, which will be used to eavesdrop on all events in the area: guided shooting, remarks human and animal sounds from movies or Czech and foreign experts on the Human-Animal Studies, a relatively new scientific discipline based on the assumption that the animal not just things, but our counterpart, a partner in the dialogue with which it is necessary to negotiate a common world. The project offers a unique insight not only into the backstage relationship between people and their home "pets", but also sheds light on the general relationship between humans and animals. In Pilsen will also knowledge and ignorance about animals: what science can tell us what we can see in the film and what they say, people who live with animals?

Public performance "Why talk to animals?"

When: September 24, 2015, 12-15, and 17-21 hours. Free admission at any time.
Where: DEPO2015, Presslova 14, Pilsen. Children and pets are welcome!

Who: Adele (barn owl), Bravo (Python Regius), Charlie (parrot), Eugene (item) Katrijn Van der Meier (minikůň), Lina (green leguánka), Pinky (pig svislobřiché) Pipka (hen home) Pula (female boxer), Sofia (steppe eagle), Winnie (Fox), but also two sheep, a swarm of honey bees, raven, minikoza, two tortoises and a dwarf crocodile. The animals will be accompanied by Lenka Kořínková, Karel Makoň, Meda Mládková, Jiri Pospisil, Martin Vobruba, Vaclav Vydra, Tereza Porubová and more.

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