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Can you cope without a father? Then surely even without his money

"There is no child, no money ... If I'm doing a court judgment, which clearly says when my mother pass on the children, and the judgment can literally wipe my ass, so there is no reason why I should respect any other judgment of the same justice . "The attitude of the father, who came in a recent televised debate, is understandable.

We bring children into the world and therefore to bring us pleasure, which reward us for our concern and care, to raise a follower of our family that took care of us in old age (as it had once been normal and hopefully will be again). Nepřivádíme is the world so that it is from the other parent isolate us and our parental role shrank only the role of sperm donor and then walking wallets.

For some mothers supported our justice system is, however, an ideal father of one who cares for their children, only to them without complaint is valid. Just dare not to pay! Hard to remember you došlápneme: execution of assets, debtors' prison ... And that you wanted to raise their children as a mother? So it is foolishness slow even more. But he had those a court-appointed "expert" explaining that the children belong to his mother. That you as an educator own descendants totally inappropriate and you can be happy if you can go at least occasionally seeing (and still have such an opinion, or rather a condemnation, well you pay).

Support irresponsible fathers and mothers selfish

Family ties are with us are protected worse than a moped ownership. Selfish mothers have in our society zfeminizované green, as well as fathers without any interest (if it pays protection money). While those responsible who want to care for their children, are out of luck. This even have heard the Count's advice that he did not elaborate - in a situation where two-thirds of proposals for divorce a woman. Well, my dear sir, but she definitely had to do some reason ... (or leave when the guy is a bad guy, he leaves a woman, is also a bad guy).

Divorced mothers would not even enough money for the children do not need. If the fathers of their children cared for and securing them to themselves for a significant portion of the food, clothing and other needs. Reasonable mother's understanding and support. Otherwise it is more important that they can be "exclusive architect soul of the child." Father's care despise. Not so, however, his money.

They often help them to raise living standards, not only the child but also their own. But why would the "liberation of women from the tyranny of marriage" (about him often talk feminists) should be funded from the man's money? Being in this knight gallant troubadour, is rather to become a drone.

Source: Stří
Author of the article: Ing. Ales Hour, dr. hc

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