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Czech ponds by experienced naturalists ecological disaster

Instead uninviting natural swimming pool full of algae, instead of romantic ponds, reservoirs dirty brownish-green "soup". This summer high in temperature records scientists has revealed to us by all our failures in water management.

"Few people talk about it, but Czech ponds experiencing a real ecological disaster," says David Storch, director of the Center for Theoretical Studies at Charles University and the Czech Academy of Sciences and a specialist in Macroecology, biodiversity and ecological theory. The problem of eutrophication and crowded carp ponds recorded everyone who wants pleasantly cool during the summer.

"The main stumbling block is uncontrolled amounts of wastewater in streams with which phosphorus flows into the ponds. A simple relationship applies: the more phosphorus, the bigger the problem, "explains Daniel Fiala, Hydrobiology of the Water Research Institute TG Masaryk (WRI).

Of the worst that ponds with excessive nutrients can help fishermen, but instead ponds below lime, manure and přerybňují, criticize the current practice of conservationists. The most commonly farmed carp are omnivores and eat a lot and zooplankton, tiny invertebrates whose diet is tiny algae. When the zooplankton in the pond a little, microscopic algae have no natural predator, they remain in the water, and that their presence rapidly turns green. Carp addition ryjí at the bottom and thus more ponds cataracts and pollute.

The worst situation is, according to experts around Trebon, where fish farming has a long tradition and the local nature is there because of intensive farming in ponds under huge pressure. The whole situation was further complicated by global climate change, because of high water temperatures, all processes in the water speed.

"It is not just about clean water, but also of all fauna and flora, which is to clean the water surface attached," says David Storch.

Dense, barely passable for light brown-green "soup" by the Czech Society for Ornithology means that water will not grow large vascular plants, providing a habitat for many other aquatic organisms.

Sad fate Grebes

Water transparency but also important for water birds, especially during the nesting period, when they need a lot of food for themselves and their young.

This is particularly true for Black-necked Grebe, who is versed in hunting food through sight. Now her election Bird 2015 should highlight the dismal state of Czech ponds. "The adult birds arrive in early April, when the breeding ponds freshly inked, often even with clean water and sufficient food supply. Shortly after that carp are deployed. With warming the water while increasing the benthos (organisms inhabiting the shore and bottom - Ed Ed.), But also significantly increases and appetite fish stock, which reaches a maximum just at a time when the potápkám hatch chicks, "he explained on the website of the CSO Jaroslav Cepák, Head Ringing station of the National Museum. Take off chicks grebes are not in his words, at this moment still unlike chicks ducks able to move on ginkgo and so are doomed to die of starvation.

Czech Society for Ornithology, therefore, in collaboration with WRI and Czech Limnological Society has launched this nationwide campaign to measure water transparency. Now water transparency is in fact a simple indicator of its quality. Volunteers used to Secchi [sekkiho] plate, a circle with a diameter of 20-30 cm is divided into four quarters, two black and two white. This ring is triggered by a rope into the water and finds the depth in which black with white blends.

Environmentalists recommend limiting the production of carp in ponds and planted several species of fish that will contribute to better water quality and the environment. But it also means less revenue and therefore not easy collaboration with fishermen. That it is possible to agree, but the show and fishermen village in the Highlands. The local fishermen agreed to reduce the number of fish in a pond near the mortuary Havlickuv Brod, who now serves mainly for local recreation.


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