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Lynx are great travelers. Male from Prachaticka came to Linz

First noted conservationists from Friends of the Earth rysího male Ludek an image of fotopasti in early April. Prachatice was captured several times. And now the big surprise came in seventy kilometers away Kürnbergerwald forest complex in the Austrian Linz, informed Czech and Austrian environmentalists.

Ludek feature had on his journey from Linz Prachaticka to overcome not only a busy road in Šumava, but also the Danube. How did he get through this great river, according to conservationists question. "Either it is a very good young male swimmer or wide river broke the bridge at the power station in Ottensheim. None of this, however, is not without risk, "he said.

The current findings, according to them confirms the high mobility of endangered carnivores. For their effective protection is therefore a need to maintain a permeable landscape, the animals to move without risk over long distances. To monitor and protect the lynx to Sumava cooperate zoologists from ALKA Wildlife and Friends of the Earth with colleagues from the Austrian Luchsprojekt Österreich Nordwest.

"Example feature Luďka shows an important aspect of protecting this precious felines: the need to preserve the landscape passage for migrating animals, to protect the so-called migration corridors. Otherwise, the individual isolated populations, which could lead to the gradual extinction, "says Teresa Mináriková of ALKA Wildlife." And because animals know no borders, must protect these populations and their interconnectedness addressed at the international level, "he says.

Her priority would be mainly to maintain the connection between the Czech-Bavarian-Austrian lynx population and neighboring populations: Carpathian and Alpine, which is among the largest in Europe.

Ludek is not the first traveler lynx, which international team of zoologists noted. In recent years, scientists have mapped the way feature the trust that was photographed autumn 2012 in Austria, the Danube and in May the following year in the protected landscape area Blanský les. Long distance frequently issued just young males who are seeking new territories.

Today, on the Czech-Bavarian-Austrian border features live 60-80 lynx. Great addition to the risk of clashes with cars for the population also presents poaching.


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