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Month celebrations in China and collecting wine in Italy or some tips for autumn vacation

Month celebrations in China and collecting wine in Italy or some tips for autumn vacation Those who are not fans of hot days and your vacation they prefer to use in moderate temperatures, often postpone their stay until September or October. Planning an autumn holiday, it is necessary now. We have a tip for you: you will need to walk in the warm autumn sun with a glass of wine in hand.

When traveling out of season moreover avoid the queues of tourists exorbitant prices and tropical vedrům. So where finally release this fall? Read our tips on the best autumn destinations.

Holiday of the year for beer lovers

If you love beer and you do not want to leave too far, please visit this world-famous Oktoberfest. What began in 1810 as a horse race, it is now šestnáctidenním festival full of good beer and entertainment. It takes place in Bavaria, Germany on the Theresienwiese meadow and lasts from mid-September until the first weekend in October. "Do not be discouraged by the front entrance. You will have experience of a lifetime, and eventually you will not regret that you had to wait a while, "says Michal Tuma of the travel agency Invia. In addition to traditional clothing, pretzels and liters of beer Furthermore, you can look forward to concerts, competitions and good-humored visitors from around the world.

Drink the wine you've made yourself

If you prefer to beer rather a glass of good wine, head to the north of Spain. In Logrono in fact during the week of September 21 held the Fiesta de San Mateo at which your wine into a glass rotated directly from traditional leather bags called Botas. Do not miss a mainly local red wine.
Not far from Verona in the Italian Soave region, will some wineries in the fall allows also assist with the collection of vines. Although not pay you for your work, you can choose a reward in kind and taste the wines from local vintners. A bottle of wine that you will savor most, Plus, you can take home at a discount. On the sunny Italian autumn so he can at home with a glass in hand, remember also the biggest frosts.

Get closer to the moon on the roofs of Shanghai

At the end of September falls in China, one of the most beautiful and romantic holiday - a celebration of autumn and months. This year the day comes on 27 September, and the city itself was quenched with only the glow of the month, but the light from thousands of lanterns. In addition, Shanghai can be even closer to the night sky and see it from the roof of the Shanghai World Financial Center. The skyscraper with a height of 492 meters is the tallest building in China and also has the third highest roof in the world. Celebrating the biggest and brightest moon according to the lunar calendar is the second most important festival after the Chinese New Year. "If during this period you go to China, you definitely do not miss the traditional monthly cookies. They are baked just to celebrate the month and most are filled with sweet red bean paste, "says Michal Tuma.

Romantic Autumn on the River Duoro

Flooding red, orange and yellow colors can be seen on the terraced vineyards in the Duoro Valley in northern Portugal. Even before zazimují ships, embark on a two hundred kilometer cruise on the River Duoro and see the beauty of Portugal from the water. If they had, perhaps aboard the autumn wind blowing, heat it up with a glass of port wine sledkého. The second and third weekend in September, then do not escape the traditional markets in Ponte de Lima - Portugal's oldest town.

If you choose to go to Portugal, make sure you do not miss Lisbon, and twenty kilometers away town of Sintra. Its origins date back to medieval times, and thanks to the favorable climate became the summer residence of the royal family. Today the city for its uniqueness UNESCO World Heritage Site and is definitely worth a visit.

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