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Musically-plum festival Vizovické Trnkobraní after forty-eighth

Tomáš Klus, Chinaski, Mandrage, Divokej Bill, Michal Horror and other bands and performers on 21 and 22 August, the area distillery in Vizovice

As early as the 48th music festival Vizovické Trnkobraní will be held on Friday and Saturday 21 and 22 August at Vizovice near Zlín.

A dance music star Chinaski, Tomáš Klus, Mandrage, Divokej Bill, Michal Horror, Ewa Farna, Desmod or Vypsaná Fixa and other bands and performers. There will also be a competition for Trnkobraní typical plum dumpling eating is open to the interested public, this year with presenters Michal Suchánek and Richard Genzer. The accompanying program will offer performances, for example, stand-up comedians Ivy Pazderkova and Michal Knor, theater performances for children and adults, screenings, children's playground and, of course folklore program in the city streets Vizovice, which this year will take place on Saturday.

"The best plum festival"
this year also will offer audiences performances Jiri Schmitzer, Anna K, Vladimír Mišík, padlock, Bright Noodles or Xindl X, part of the program will now be a performance of the band donor, the winner of competition within emerging regional bands. During two days of further Trnkobraní will also UDG, Lake Malawi or Heaven and ensemble will be the traditional "home" group Fleret and Kosovars. On Trnkobraní the performers have traditionally enjoyed. "We look forward very much to Trnkobraní is always a great audience. This year we only play nine festivals Trnkobraní is one of them and it will be the only concert in the region, "say the band members Divokej Bill. And Tomáš Klus adds: "The Trnkobraní look forward literally as blackthorn hay. A fruit is also very beneficial to the human organism in any form "

Mandrage turn on Trnkobraní present a special concert visuals. "It will only be seen this summer, then never so pages that the visitors will have something to look forward to. We think we do quite succeeded. Playlist of the concert will consist of a cross section of the best we've ever recorded, including the new single, "concluded Mandrage.

Visitors can also enjoy the accompanying program at the theater. There will be viewed in addition to appearances comedian Ltd. also show Lenka Sasínová and Roman Švehlík entitled '! .. My last word ", will be dedicated to helping children musical fairy Holiday Forest What can happen in the woods. The program will also be a children's corner under the guidance DDM bell Vizovice focused on physical and creative activities including competitions for prizes.

Jellinek cinema on the festival grounds offer visitors a respite from the bustle of the festival. There will be film screenings holiday Krasno directed by Andrew Sokol debut Tomas Svoboda Handyman with Bolek Polívka in the main role, the image I wake up yesterday, in which he plays Jiri Madl and Viktor Preiss and other films. Completely new this year will be held on Saturday, a program directed by the town Vizovice focused on the folk music genre and local traditions. For example, play a set of Wallachian songs and dances Vizovjánek, Ocún dulcimer music and dance numbers will present the building Vlčnov artist, will be ready to craft fair.

Trnkobraní Visitors will have the opportunity to take advantage of a special festival prices Guided Tour of the distillery grounds and learn about the history of plum brandy. The Trnkobraní inherently also fight plum dumpling eating, this year's Grand Prix Vizovic this time held on Saturday, August 22 at 13:20 pm and is open to the general public.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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