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Trutnoff today publishes the agenda

Trutnoff today publishes the agenda The oldest show of its kind Trutnoff Open Air Festival, which will be held from August 20 to 23, traditionally does not publish a time schedule or splitting the bands into different days. In the case of the first day Thursday, however, makes an exception and reveals the secrets of a home festive gatherings. The festival will perform at ninety British bands including The Prodigy, Subways, Gojira metal or noble Ondřej Havelka and Horňácko dulcimer.

The festival will launch special ecumenical service and accompanied opera singer Alex Prochazka. Preliminary band is unusual loudest band festival Boron, which, though at the festival stands out for fifteen years, many known only by name and had never seen her live. The band is due to its volume traditionally caters Sunday morning wake up call and the holiday it can only early riser. This year will be the band their loud rhythms summon visitors to the Pow-Wow.

At the beginning of further rises legendary Vladimir Mišík with ETC, Monkey Business and the main performer singer Matisyahu. Matisyahu is known as the author of "Hasidic reggae", which has more than ten years closer to their religion and culture in an interesting mix of reggae, beatbox, rap music, but also jazz and rock to sung recitation of Jewish prayers.

In the underground tent IM Magor Jirous other concerts will take place in the morning hours, culminating in an extraordinary jam session band Ukrainian Kozak System with Gypsy Terne Chave.

Although it is an established tradition and one of the features of the Patriarch and Fotr all festivals, Trutnov Woodstock to disclose forward schedule of performers for the days to the opening day Thursday makes an exception. "We honor the moments of surprise and joy of the meeting. And so for years squaw and our comrades to learn about the program on the site of the Festival samizdat. Thursday's first festival day, however, an exception. It's an amazing day, imbued with energy in a pleasing sign, meeting and getting acquainted. People are welcome and rejoice in the joint reunion. Girls are fragrant and the air is expected to feel the energy coming days, "he says on the first day of meetings Věchet Martin. Gates magical planet on the battlefield will open on Thursday at 16 hours and two hours later he starts happening on the main stage.

The festival this year is dedicated to liberty, inter alia, Ukraine, and the organizers will be by traditional Slavic traditions first visitors welcome and host the bread with salt and vegetarian borscht. On the main stage, the festival will launch service in four days of peace and friendship to the abandoning of thanks. For the first time will be accompanied by operatic singing performed by the Brno bass Alex Prochazka. He diversifies beyond worship and festival meetings in other performances, for example, will accompany the recitation Jiri Labus, but it will also be heard in other unexpected moments.

End of the night, and good morning to dance and listen to the world-famous Beatles songs transported the The Boom - The Beatles Revival Band.

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