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Learn how to properly sit back will thank you

Aching back can really make a life. People with ankylosing spondylitis with this problem faced almost daily. What to do to make the pain better during the day she endure? In addition to adherence to treatment, there are other ways to get at least a little relieved.

The pain usually does not occur by itself, but it is associated with some activity or movement. Therefore, when strikes, stop what you're doing and think about whether you are doing all the movements correctly, or whether you are for instance twisting at your desk. Be aware of what positions you spend most of the day, and try to perform their best.

Sit with the problem

The greatest enemy of the lumbar spine is a sedentary job. Long hours spent in a chair or in the car seat without having to be sitting pretty focused, sooner or later our backs must show. In case of acute problems or trauma, people would not even sit or drive at all. If you sit most of the day, pay attention to the following recommendations:
Ensure that the desktop is right for you at a comfortable height. If you find yourself at work, the hunched shoulders lifting, or vice versa, adjust the height of the chair so your hands loose on the bench at the back straight.
Use a chair with a solid support for the lumbar spine or back in your pillow or rolled-up towel. Assistant may be slightly deflated balloon special support.
Caution must be taken even while standing up. The important thing is not to bend at the waist and nehrbit at it. Experts recommend when getting up to move the body to the edge of the chair and keep your feet directly under him. At the moment, focus on raising that your spine remains straight and not bend at the waist.
Just as when sitting in the office or while driving, it is necessary to have a lumbar spine firmly resting. So keep in the car by hand or pillow mentioned balloon. Correct hips should also be driving the car lower than the knees. On long journeys, remember to take regular breaks with a short walk.
While getting out of the car first put his legs out of the car and get up again, if possible with a straight back.

Warming up is fine

People with sedentary jobs have natural movement during the day and a few times will not change its position. It is therefore appropriate to set your alarm clock every hour to stretch, flatten your back or walk. A similar problem are those who work on the contrary, still repeating the same monotonous motion. For even the warm-up once an hour is very suitable.

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