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In diabetes consistently take care of your feet

Suffering diabetes in the world, more and more people. Neither the Czech Republic is no exception. According to statistics from the year 2013 in our country this disease cures approximately 870,000 people. One of the big risks of diabetes is also called, among other. Diabetic foot.

Diabetic foot syndrome is tissue damage occurring in the lower extremities in persons with diabetes . It develops when uncompensated diabetes when blood sugar (glucose) levels are an extended period beyond the normal limit. This excess glucose begins to damage the vascular wall and nerve endings. And because it is on the feet and ankles when walking is of greatest pressure will be here soon to show affection.

Poor healing

People with diabetic foot may suffer from tingling, numbness, changes in sensitivity to cold or heat, difficulties with walking, changing the color of the skin or cold feet. For these individuals, it is extremely dangerous to the slightest damage to the skin, because in addition to the abovementioned reduced susceptibility to injury in diabetic patients due to vascular damage difficult to heal.

14 tips for healthy feet

Keep blood sugar within normal limits.
Do not smoke and do not sit for prolonged periods with legs crossed. Both weakens the blood supply to the lower limbs.
Regularly and thoroughly browse
and legs at the slightest affection, consult a doctor. Pay attention to blisters, wounds, punctures, reddened and hot spots.
Wash your feet daily with warm water and mild soap. Water, but always try before elbow or hands, to prevent burns. Limbs never not soak too long. Even when wiping towel caution and careful.
Trim nails just straighten and avoid shaping their horns. Then you can easily cause injury.
Never go barefoot.
Lubricate consistently feet. To prevent cracking of the skin.
New shoes can essentially buy later in the day, never morning.
Towards evening because feet swell, the morning you bought shoes that will later sit down. Always choose a pair that fits you perfectly and does not need a "break in". Now they bruise shoe is likely to have dire consequences feet of diabetics.
Do not wear sandals or other open shoes.
The risk of such injuries. Stones are truly high.
Buy shoes from quality breathable material.
Always wear socks to shoes. These should be cotton and should not encircle the legs.
Before his shoes fitted with the, check the inside of even the slightest specks Only remove.
Do not put your feet on any heat source (heating, electric blankets, etc.). Due to impaired sensitivity is not noticed at possible burns.
Never ourselves not remove hard skin, warts or other skin growths .

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