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CNG in the Czech Republic: truths, myths and actual statistics

The cars on compressed natural gas CNG is increasing especially among firms and the government. This year the number of newly registered cars CNG LPG surpassed older technology. It is true that CNG is safe? You pay for the car for the same price as gasoline or diesel version? And as it is currently with garážováním these vehicles?

CNG is becoming increasingly popular in the Czech Republic. According to current information, the Czech Gas Association (CGA) increased last year in the Czech Republic as many CNG stations, how many children were built in the past five years - 26, this year, while the pace of construction even faster, in just the first six months of the new stations opened up to 15. And the estimate future? At the end of 2016 could have Czech drivers available to 160 public CNG stations. Despite the increasing popularity among people occasionally spreads myths and misleading information. How is it with CNG in reality?

Myth 1: Cars are dangerous gas

For cars on compressed natural gas CNG true that they are safe and meet the highest standards. "In many cases it is only a subjective feeling of a driver that has a built-in car fuel tank full of compressed gas. This, however, includes a variety of insurance mechanisms that limit the possibility of any accidents, "explains Radek Patera, an expert on CNG from E.ON. This is particularly the fuse, which on impact of the vehicle tank valve closes to prevent leakage of gas.

Myth 2: A little 'refueling' sites

What was true a few years ago, now it is not true. The Czech Republic is currently operating at the 87 CNG filling stations. Given the number of registered cars on this alternative fuel complying with terms of quantity. This addition will increase in the future and in 2020 is expected to experts should be operated 200-300 plniček CNG. It is almost certain that the 100 open filling stations will be surpassed this year.

Myth 3: No parking in the underground car parks

Entrance and parking of vehicles driven by CNG in the garage is legally permitted for operators car parks but there are a few rules. "Garages example, must be equipped with an efficient ventilation and detectors, which indicate the occurrence of natural gas over the limit," explains Radek Patera. As last year resulted from extensive test ÚAMK in Prague, about half of the garage entrance CNG allows the second half did not, although it is often poorly equipped. "In this area we are still working on revising regulations, which should be directed to the nation-wide permit garaging vehicles to CNG, "says Patera.

Myth 4: Cars are expensive

The purchase price of vehicles powered by compressed natural gas CNG long-term decline. Today, while reaching a maximum of several tens of thousands of CZK. "The difference always depends on what you compare motor. But in general, for example, the cost of a comparable car with the engine running on CNG and diesel are no longer practically no differences, "explains Radek Patera. Well, it is seen on the example of best selling CNG vehicle with us, which is Skoda Octavia G-TEC. The difference between CNG and diesel in its case is a little over 10 000 CZK, gasoline difference of around 30 000 CZK. Also, due to small variations in prices today sells Czech Skoda Octavia has every tenth of execution on compressed natural gas.

Myth 5: Buying a car with alternative propulsion is not worth it

The opposite is true. CNG cars are due to the lower price of this fuel in use is significantly cheaper than petrol or diesel. Differences in real terms between 30 to 50%, not the exception, if selected models of cars ride and handle for CZK 1 per kilometer. For example, in the said Skoda Octavia G-TEC's return on investment during a raid 30,000 kilometers just over one year.

Myth 6: I can not buy a car on CNG in each class

This statement is true only in part. "If you want a convertible, you will be in the range of vehicles to CNG look in vain. But otherwise selection of cars in almost all classes is sufficient for the purposes of private individuals and companies, "says Radek Patera. Under automakers are represented cars lower, middle and upper classes, there are also commercial vehicles and any interested members of the corporate clientele also buses. Concerning the brand, then most you will encounter Skoda, Mercedes-Benz, Seat, Volkswagen, Opel and Fiat.

Myth 7: The Foreign nenatankujete

Neither this argument does not hold water. With the car on CNG within Europe can ride without any major restrictions. The Czech Republic is a network of filling stations more than sufficient and even other European countries did not lag behind. They have a very dense network such as Austria and Germany, a sufficient number for a comfortable passage as France, Italy or Spain.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz, editorially modified

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