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Dušan Holý & Musica Folklorica: Not zahrádečky

Dušan Holý & Musica Folklorica: Not zahrádečky Legendary Dušan Holý on the new record. Such musical surprises prepared not only zahrádečky folk recording for all fans of this unique singer. Peter Pavlincovi and Music folkloric managed unexpected, and bring it back to the microphone singing quantity Horňácko and shoot together ten unique songs.

Prof. PhDr. Dušan Holý, DSc. in the world of celebrity folklore. Certainly not the public should be acquainted in detail with its extensive ethnographic and organizational activities, for example in connection with Horňáckými festivals and other similar events. However, it is noted that the extensive scientific and educational activities beyond the borders of Moravia and undoubtedly has international significance.

In addition to professional musicological activity is Dušan Holý also known as an excellent interpreter of folk songs. Musica Folklorica accompanied the singer on a set of studio recordings, which originated in early 2015. The central track CD of songs are variants of the gardens or zahrádečkách, from which is derived the title of the entire CD. Dramaturgy took himself Dušan Holý.

Chose content and emotionally charged songs not only Horňácko, but also from the neighboring Moravian-Slovak border; most of them also weighs interesting "non-musical" stories, which the artist mentions the sleeve note in the CD booklet. Arrangement undertook cimbalom player Petr Pavlinec and bandmaster Miroslav Kolacia.

Not only zahrádečky CD is already the sixth act of Musica Folklorica based on cooperation with Indies Scope. The band will also notionally follows the successful CD Rabudeň, Rabudeň has recorded with Lubos Nude (1930 - 2011) in 2010. "We believe that this exceptional recital singer who can voice communicate more than just the melody and lyrics will be pleasantly caress after the soul of all those who have this unique album releases. "Petr Pavlinec not only believe, but everyone who had the honor to participate in this project.

1st Trenčanský mansion
Second Šohajičku, whose book
Baro third brišind marel
4th Swift water falling into Dunajka
The fifth was one Svadby
Sixth when heard people what I tell you
7. When I Come to Trencin
8th prisoners I rod
9. As Pressburg on the Danube
10. Before it is our zahrádečka

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