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Detergents with plenty of air

Weight and volume of the product packaging to be as small as possible in accordance with the law, but the practice often looks different. The oversized packages also sells washing powders and other detergents and cleaners. dTest called for a specific importer and manufacturer of these products to change the practice and stop taking excessive packaging.

"It's a waste of packaging materials, which do not want to pay. If you have any reasonable protective purpose of content is just another over-wrapping paper or plastic into a container and unfortunately also a marketing tool to mislead customers, "commented the vice Mr. Vojtech M. Web campaign not sell air.

Manufacturers use excess packaging, because they count with the fact that decisions are being made reflexively. Packaging sells and the more, the more noticeable. Additionally easier disguises any loss of content. It is also unified packaging for different quantities of product.

"We warned the selected importer and manufacturer of detergent products sold in excessive packaging, they are breaking the law, and urged them to desist from this practice. We want to encourage more responsible approach, "says
Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest.
These are the following products: cleanser for tubs AVA (manufacturer Hlubna chemical production cooperative, Brno), Finish dishwasher powder finish Classic POWDER POWER 2.5 kg (distributor Reckitt Benckiser (Czech Republic), Prague 3), washing powder Persil EXPERT COLOR XXL 70 COMPACT 5.25 kg, capsules Persil COLOR EXPERT DUO-CAPS 15,480 grams (both distributor Henkel. s ro, Prague 7), detergent capsules Jar ALL in 1 dishwasher capsules Economy pack of 65 capsules (Distributor of Procter & Gamble Czech Republic sro, Rakovník).

Packaging Act says that a person who places a product on the market is required to ensure that the weight and volume of packaging to a minimum, with the aim of reducing the amount of packaging waste. Those companies by Dtest violate prevention duty imposed by law. For an administrative offense they face a fine of up to 500,000 crowns.

In addition, the use of excessive packaging also contravenes the Consumer Protection Law, which prohibits the use of unfair trade practices. "A commercial practice is unfair under the Act if the act of a professional to the consumer, contrary to the requirements of professional diligence and may influence consumer decisions as they make business decisions that would not have taken otherwise. For such practices supervisory authority may impose a penalty of up to five million crowns, "says Luke Green.

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