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dTest: Call importers of toys - do not sell air

Packaging products to unreasonably excessive packaging is against the law. Yet we encounter in stores easily, even on the shelves of toy stores. Bricks, blocks, memory game, modeling clay and other products for children are sold in packages into which they fit even several times more content. dTest called for a specific importer and manufacturer of toys, to change practice and stopped taking excessive packaging.

Bright colors, printing favorite characters, unusual shape - excessive size. These are normal characteristics of the packaging of toys. Manufacturers are trying to attract the attention of children and their parents. Unreasonably excessive packaging, however, needlessly pollute the environment and deceive consumers.

"In the case of products intended for children's disappointment about the low content of a big box-brainer. Companies that focus on their range of children must meet the more stringent statutory requirements prohibiting the use of unfair trade practices, "says
Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest. And he adds: "During the campaign, not sell the air we pointed out some of the importers and manufacturers of toys wrapped in excessive packaging, they are breaking the law, and urged them to desist from this practice. We want to encourage more responsible approach. "

These are the following products: Set of modeling clay Čtyřlístek accessories (importer HM Studio, Postřižín) scraper pictures Surprise (SMT importer Creatoys, Hradec Kralove), Whizz Watches Lightning McQueen (distributor BEAUTY TRADING CZ & SK, Prague 10), Duplo 10586 (Importer LEGO Trading, Prague 3), the MEGA BLOKS construction, BLOCK TOWN, Pony Stable (distributor Olymptoy, Prague 9) Stories and games for moms and quatrefoil pexeso memo game (producer Dino Toys, Mnichovo Hradiště).

Use of excessive packaging is contradictory to the law on packaging, as well as the Consumer Protection Law. The Packaging Act says that a person who places the product on the market is required to ensure that the weight and volume of packaging to a minimum, with the aim of reducing the amount of waste from packaging. "Addressed In our opinion violate prevention obligation imposed by law on packaging. Thereby commits an administrative offense, for which they face a fine of up to 500,000 crowns, "says Luke Green.

Who introduces packaging on the market, but not forget about our obligations under the Consumer Protection Act, which prohibits the use of unfair trade practices. "The Act defines unfair commercial practice such behavior that may affect consumer decisions, so they make a business decision that would not have taken otherwise. Packing goods into excessive packaging companies may violate the prohibition on the use of unfair trade practices. This is an administrative offense for which the supervisory authority may impose a penalty of up to five million crowns, "says Luke Green.

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