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China: how to survive in polluted cities stay

In Beijing, Shanghai and other Chinese cities, it's crawling with people in rouškách. The local residents to protect against the ever-present smog. Air pollution is significantly burdens the respiratory system and heart, but also behind the development of cancer. As well they should be careful and tourists.

Smog situation in China is the worst in 50 years. Cities are most of the time shrouded in gray hood and take a photo of Beijing and Shanghai on a bright sunny day is almost impossible. Infestation air but just not messing aesthetic impression of the holiday, but also behind the development of serious health problems.

Flying particles can cause asthma and respiratory problems, which indicate the local term "Chinese cough".
Smog its pro-inflammatory effects may even worsen the illnesses of the heart and blood vessels.
The World Health Organization in 2013 ranked smog particles in addition to the strongest carcinogens, substances that cause malignant tumor growth. Air pollution and its complex effects on the human body shortens life expectancy by up to three years across.

Not only health complications

Omnipresent smog is a significant setback for a smooth holiday - due to high concentrations of these particles is often delayed flights up for hours. But is also affected by ground transportation, which greatly reduces the possibility of moving in big cities. Now cars are actually one of the major sources of hazardous smog. Before the trip, it would be advisable to inquire about current developments in the smog situation in the target area and monitor the concentration of harmful particles in the air by using an application for smartphones.

Protection is needed!

The only possible protection against smog is the use of medical masks. On the way to significantly polluted cities should buy masks or respirators labeled "N95". Only those offers 95% protection against airborne particles with a diameter of 2.5 microns, which are the most dangerous to human health. The reason for this is their specific size, enabling them to get to the alveoli and eventually into the body. If air condition suddenly deteriorates, limit your time outdoors and indoors too nevětrejte.

Short stay in polluted cities do not in any way materially affect the healthy human body. However, considerable caution should be exercised in children, the elderly and individuals with chronic diseases. If you go for the bustle of Chinese cities, do not forget to take out travel insurance. Your health does not have to compromise only smog but also a wide range of infectious diseases and possible injuries.

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