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Motion sickness - nausea intricacies of traveling

Motion sickness or old-fashioned "seasick" in modern times referred to as "airsickness" (illness airplanes), "carsickness" (illness from car travel) or "simulation sickness" (disease-induced simulator) is not a disease in the true sense. It is a physiological response of the human organism to the difference between the sensations perceived visually and perceptions of the vestibular apparatus, which controls balance of the human body.

People are aware of the existence of this phenomenon from time immemorial. Motion sickness, manifesting the nausea has often been associated with a stay at sea. This led to the naming of this inconvenience word "nausea" (from the Greek "Naus" - the sea), and even then, meaning it wrong connection "seasickness". The mechanism of motion sickness, tries to explain modern neurobiology.

"One hypothesis is that it is a primordial defense mechanism protecting ancient humans after ingestion of plants containing poisonous alkaloids and active visual hallucinations, which do not correspond to impulses from the vestibular apparatus. And nausea and vomiting after deprives the body of these toxic substances, "explains
Dr. Milan Clown.

As already mentioned, it is not a disease. This reaction is more or less possible to arouse them. It depends on the strength of the impulse that inspires her. Even experienced sailors are under great storm bent over the railing of the ship and the so-called "feed the fish". Or perhaps a long-term stay in the "centrifuge" simulator induces vomiting every one of us. You can induce motion sickness and playing computer games.

Motion sickness is the term commonly used for people who need much less intense stimulus, such as a longer journey by car, airplane flight, or a ride on a boat plowing through relatively calm seas. These activities, or some of them, their causes intense nausea, followed by vomiting uncontrollably. Travel experience is suddenly transformed into a nightmare.

Tips from motion sickness

Given that this is a problem identified millennia, there are many folk cherished rad as possible avoided.

"Between the sensible tips to combat motion sickness include stare at the horizon or visual fixation, which disrupts the mismatch between visual and vestibular sensations. Further selection of the seats in the middle of the bus or boat, antacids (substances reducing the acidity of gastric juices) or fizzy drinks, candy and chewing gum to stimulate saliva production and the abstinence before traveling, "says
the doctor.

One option is the homeopathic treatment. The problem with homeopathic but that to be effective, it must be observed many dietary restrictions for a relatively long time (e.g. prohibition caffeine, alcohol, sweets, etc..). If you are going to overcome the Atlantic solo sailing, it's okay. But if you just want to run a ferry from Italy to Sardinia, it is useless.

Will not only pills, but also special gum

Fortunately, in these cases, individuals sensitive current pharmacological industry offers a wide range of products that can suppress this reaction and change the harrowing experience of traveling on a pleasant moments with loved ones.

They are available without a prescription chewing gum containing antivertiginosum (substance preventing vertigo) and dimenhydrinate to stimulate increased production of saliva, which can further suppress the urge to vomit. One of the drugs is well-known and proven by generations Kinedryl or abroad Dramamine, which in tablet form containing the same substance (cinnarizine). But this is only available on prescription.

Author: Sarka Pelcová, editorially modified

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