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Summer in a beautiful and healthy skin

During holidays and vacations is the "packaging" of our body is exposed to many dangers. So that the skin scars marred the least, it pays to be prepared. In addition to various OTC drugs can help skin care and medication with natural extracts.

The most common problem is skin burned because of failure to observe the proper tanning.

It is always necessary to use protective equipment (gels, creams, sprays, lotions) with an appropriate factor, preferably with UV 50th
Those having chemical-organic filters, it is necessary to coat at least half an hour before tanning. Preparations with mineral filters may be applied just prior to sun exposure.
After each bathing is necessary to re-paint the skin, especially in sensitive areas such as the elbows, shoulders or neck.
Before the hot sun will not protect us nor stay in the water (quite the contrary), nor summer clothing. Morning between ten and two o'clock in the afternoon we would prefer not to sunbathe at all.

Self-medication only for mild problems

If any of these are neglected, there will be formation of burns. These mild, first degree, yet can be treated at home using products with panthenol and aloe vera (or gels antihistamines). Skin is reddened and tender to the touch after application and soothing preparations gradually turns brown. The second and third stages, however, require medical attention. The skin is markedly red to red, blistering occurs, the affected person is dehydrated, feverish, suffering from nausea and may be up to collapse.

Parasites and insects get ready!

Another danger (not only) for skin insects, especially ticks carrying Lyme borreliosis and Tick-borne encephalitis. Neither bites from mosquitoes, wasps, bees, hornets or spider bite is not pleasant.

It is therefore always necessary to carry antiseptic composition based on iodine (or other similar substance), preferably in the form of spray - applied more easily than should be the solution. Antiseptic comes in handy at various summer minor injuries. If the injury is serious, it is necessary to see a doctor to know when we were last vaccinated against tetanus.
Relieve bites is also possible with antihistamine gel.
In addition to preventive spraying skin and clothing repellent it is also possible to use pre vitamins B - aroma of which permeates the skin and discourages insects.
It also helps the skin gently drizzle čajovníkovým oil (also repels insects, you can not be allergic to it yet).

How to deal with infection or sprained ankle

Wet sweating skin can be a breeding ground for a variety of fungal and yeast infections. It is necessary to wear airy clothes, take showers regularly and, if necessary, use a suitable backfill. To prevent diaper rash can be purchased ordinary baby powder with chamomile. Especially at sea or on rocky terrain again in danger vyvrtnutého ankle. Here you can prevent edema of applications that contain aluminum acetate (there are gels, creams, ointments or bags, from which a solution is prepared for tiling).

Bet on nature

When all of the above problems very often also assist preparations containing extracts of medicinal plants like marigold and chamomile. Extracts of these plants has healing effects accelerate wound healing and anti-inflammatory active even slightly. But shall not apply to an open and festering wounds. For camomile it is additionally important that it not concerned allergic.


Author of the article: PharmDr. Thomas Arndt
Source: U lékař

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