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Return wild horses: Another four mares reached as to Mongolia

After 36 hours of challenging routes ran mare Querida, Rabea, Kira and Paradise in the night from Sunday to Monday in acclimation pens in the strictly protected area of ​​Gobi B. Prague Zoo, in cooperation with the Czech army transported in five movements from the Czech Republic to Mongolia for 19 horses Przewalski. This year's transport was very complicated, but ended successfully.

"This complicated Returning wild horses in Bohemia enormous heat and torrential rains in Mongolia, due to which the land transport extended by about one hundred kilometers," said the director of the Prague Zoo and the main initiator of the project Return of wild horses Miroslav Bobek. "Another complication was minor injuries colleague which had been on the plane caused Rabea. In comparison to last year thus transport mares prolonged for several hours. "

Prague Zoo has played a major role in saving the Przewalski horse, which disappeared from the wild in late 60s and in the last quarter runs its reintroduction. Prague Zoo leads the world studbook and since 2011 organizing transports to Mongolia. So far, transporting horses there have been ten offspring. Total today at three sites in Mongolia has about 500 Przewalski's horses, of which the Gobi B, which directed the last four of the "Prague" transports, there are 137 regulation.

This year, they were transferred to the Mongolian steppe four mares:

Querida, born August 10, 2012 in Prague her mother Hare and stallions Leno (such as Przewalski's horse foal 218. born in Prague Zoo).
Rabea, born September 14, 2009 in Leipzig Zoo.
Kira was born August 6, 2008 in the Hungarian Hortobágy national park.
Paradise, born 25 May 2009 in Paris Zoo.

Transport was accompanied by Head of the International Department of the Office of the President of the Republic Hynek Kmonicek, who said: "The horse is the soul of Mongolia. The return of the wild horses in the Mongolian Gobi return a bit of soul and helping its own. Thanks Zoo Praha and Czech military airmen here we leave something for the next generation, and this is the best diplomacy. "

More about history, or reintroduction efforts on breeding Przewalski's horses in the Prague zoo

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