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Abolition of roaming charges

More than 113,000 consumers signed a petition against roaming charges. Launched her European consumer organizations, who do not like that the European Commission is constantly changing the date of cancellation charges. Petition supports Czech dTest.

European consumer organizations disagree with the fact that the planned abolition of roaming charges was postponed to a later date than was promised in December of this year. Therefore, at the beginning of June, the Dutch organization Consumentenbond, French UFC Que Choisir, OCU Spanish, Portuguese and Greek Deco EKPIZO launched a petition calling for the abolition of charges to the original planned date, ie December, 2015. Now they also adds dTest. It is not far from the first delay. "First, roaming charges should finish in this year, he was supposed to end their move in 2016. Now it is mentioned in June 2017," says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest.

The planned abolition of roaming charges this spring, encountered resistance operators. They are concerned about market distortions which would have to be a British customer can use the services of the Bulgarian operator for Bulgarian prices that are several times lower than the UK, and at home in Britain.

Consumer organizations argue that there is a long infrastructure to ensure that callers pay per call anyway, whether calling from any country. Roaming considered the last frontier existing in the European Union. "In addition to tourists roaming charges harmful to people from border areas, foreign students or staff stays in tourism," says the petition.

Last week, EU commissioner for digital economy and society Günther Oettinger promised that the European Commission will do everything to ensure that roaming charges in the EU countries ended the second quarter of 2017. This week in Brussels, managed to reach a compromise, the content of which is the abolition of roaming since June 2017 . "The question of course remains how many times the term still moves and how far can we trust him now," says Luke Green.

Roaming charges in the last five years have fallen by about half, according to consumer organizations but insufficient. The petition wants the European Union to cancel roaming neodsouvala. Gathered more than 113,000 signatures .

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