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Seven Tips on how to motivate children to sports

Prayers, commands or prohibitions is often not enough to make your offspring picked up from the computer and go jogging or bike. But physical activity is necessary for his health. Try our tips and you'll see that the movement will love!

1. Put him how to do it

Nedůležitějším pattern you are. And this applies more so the younger your offspring is - even babies try to imitate their parents. Therefore, do not waste your time. Start walking more regularly play sports and join in the activities of a child. Show him that movement is fun.

2. Remuneration its common experiences

Brought from school leader? Instead of gifting sweets or a new video game, take him on a bicycle tour. Go with him to skate or leave it, let alone plan the day out. Children crave parental attention and after spending time together - even teenagers, although it usually admit.

3rd Appreciate the effort, not just results

For healthy self-esteem and enjoyment of the activity children need praise. And that meant not just a superficial assessment results. When your offspring will show self-painted picture, tell him only that he was handsome. Focus on the details, emphasizing color, idea ... Likewise proceed even if the child embarks on a new sport. Appreciate the effort mention one moment that was particularly successful. Let him know that you're proud of it.

4. Be gentle but firm leader

The beginnings are not always straightforward. When she and the child get into an argument, try to remain calm. Do not yell at him. With a calm voice explain what you expect from him, why it is needed and what it will mean if you disobey. Then follow his word and does not admit concessions. Especially since you are a child learn to manage their emotions and to distinguish what is right and why.

5th Play

Children may not understand the importance of physical activity for health, but they love the game and the competition. Take your family therefore Olympics in a healthy lifestyle. Buy everyone a pedometer every day and write down how many had escaped. For Sunday's award ceremony Make a festive event. You will see that desire to win, combined with technical toy is all about motivation to care for you.

Live 6th cool

Older children may not take longer pedometer. A similar principle works but also a wide range of mobile applications - for jogging, weight training etc. abundance of kilometers or raised kilograms in games Achieves rewards and unlock new levels. The result can be shared both with friends on social networks and even strangers sports enthusiasts. Recommend your child any of them. These applications also apply to many a adults!

6. Find inspiration

Take your child to a sporting event. No need to spend on expensive tickets may be calm on the local football team. The atmosphere on the spot, however, serve much better than watching the match on television. Looking out to the athletes and the desire to approach them harder to impress than anything you tell yourself. Then a sport that attracts a child, try.

7th Nepřikazujte, offer

Child resists, he feels that there is something forced. Instead of commands choose words wisely so that your offspring have a choice. Ask if he wants to go out now or in five minutes. If he wishes to prefer to bury or throw some to the plate. The same procedure can be used when you want to teach your child to help in the household. Offer him that he can either remove things from the dishwasher or take out the garbage. The child chooses a place with a sense of defeat in his joy come from well fulfilled task.

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