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Heatstroke and sunburn, unwanted accompaniment of our holidays

Hitting the survey dream destination? Whether you go anywhere, you know that significant climate change in the body too long trip assertion. Below is a few tips on how to avoid possible health complications that can cause high temperatures.

Egypt, Thailand and Mexico. All of these exotic countries combine ancient monuments, clear azure sea, but also the proper heat. When traveling by heat should be on their guard especially the elderly, children, pregnant women, individuals with chronic diseases and obese people. Excessive fat is high ambient temperatures is undesirable insulation preventing heat dissipation from the body. Extreme heat may significantly burden organism and healthy individuals, and particularly when greater physical exertion. Long-term exposure to high temperatures may develop heatstroke or sunstroke. What is the difference between them?

Heatstroke. This creates overheating of the organism, which is supported by a large loss of fluids. Among its symptoms are headache, dizziness, confusion, fever, sweating, nausea, vomiting, rapid breathing and heartbeat. In severe cases may develop unconsciousness and shock conditions.
Heatstroke. It is a particular subtype of sunburn when overheated body adds more sunlight on the head. The symptoms are very similar to sunburn, but also are associated with impaired brain tissue. Affected individuals may suffer convulsions and a stiff neck. In severe cases, it leads to the development of unconsciousness. Symptoms may occur with delay such as during night hours.

Council against overheating

Drink regularly. If you stay in warm areas you should consume daily at least two liters of clean water. If you exercise or perspire excessively, it is necessary to increase fluid intake accordingly. Appropriate choice of clean water or fruit teas. Conversely, avoid excessive drinking coffee, black tea and alcohol. These drinks cause is dehydration.
Choose the right clothes. Prior to joining flashes at least partially protect loose and light-colored clothing of breathable materials such as cotton. The prevention of heatstroke is an absolute essential headgear.
Sunbathe sensibly.
Avoid prolonged sun exposure, especially between noon and 3 o'clock in the afternoon. The first days after arrival to the final destination resist the intense sun and keeping mostly in the shade. If you take up sport, plan your physical activity to morning or evening hours.
Remember to relax. Getting enough sleep and physical rest are staying at the warm climate condition. During the day, you have a few hours to relax in an air conditioned room or in a cool shady spot.

It's nice to be able to help

Sometimes it is the sun, whether wittingly or unwittingly, every blow over. If you suspect heatstroke or sunstroke, do the following:
First, transfer the victim to a cool shady place, loosen his clothing or a completely undress. If conscious, place it in a position half way up.
Try to gently reduce the patient's temperature below 39 ° C. Wash it with cold liquid or attach to the body cold compresses. If conscious, you can take a shower with lukewarm water. For precipitation temperatures also can use air conditioning or fan.
Carefully replace fluids. Serve affected small sips mineral water, rehydration solution or a weak solution of common salt (teaspoon of salt per quart of water).
If the person concerned loses consciousness, then promptly seek medical attention.

Drive safe

When traveling abroad, do not forget to take out travel insurance. The cost of treating heatstroke or sunstroke is because they can climb to astronomical sums. Establishment of the travel insurance you also get continuous assistance service in the Czech language, which will provide transportation to high-quality medical devices, whether you're on your travels anywhere.

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