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China: The dark side of the Asian giant

Ancient monuments, exotic scenery and exotic cuisine. Chinese People's Republic attracts tourists from around the world. Most populous state of the planet is indeed considered a safe destination, but visitors would still have to be alert. Even here, there are hidden dangers.

The recent earthquake in Nepal have cost thousands of lives. A natural disaster to a lesser extent also affected China. But do not worry, the People's Republic is a safe country, which is annually visited by tourists from across the globe. As elsewhere, however, they can also lurk here various threats, whether in the form of natural disasters, health hazards or criminals. Before visiting China are better informed about the current security situation through a travel agent or on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

What can happen frequently

Traffic accident. China occupies 90th place worldwide in terms of deaths caused by road accidents. Statistically it is slightly worse than the United States. Transport is thus against developing countries is relatively safe, but tourists should be careful especially in busy Chinese cities.

When traveling through China fill the orders of his guide. The local government was attempting to strict safety conditions, even though visitors can easily come to harm. If you are among fans of extreme experiences, which include, for example, climbing, hiking or rafting, you always prefer to arrange travel insurance that covers the risk sports.

Health problems.
The most common complication is traveler's diarrhea. Rare, however, neither severe diarrheal disease shigellosis, salmonellosis and dysentery parasite. In remote rural areas, you can also run into malaria, Japanese encephalitis and viral hemorrhagic fevers. Before eventual journey to China and visit a travel medicine specialist, who will discuss the possible risks and eventually will recommend vaccination.

This country has a relatively low crime rate. The greatest risk of theft and fraud when visiting cities. Be especially careful at night. After sunset, try to dwell on busy, well-lit areas. Check with your guide which sites are dangerous for tourists, and in any case do not go to these places.

Natural disasters.
From April to September, China's ongoing rainy season. In rural areas may be at significant rainfall floods and landslides. The rainy season is also associated with typhoons in the southern and eastern coast of the country. Earthquake threatens especially in the western mountainous regions that are sparsely populated. For this reason, tourists usually pose no greater risks. So if you travel around China, be sure to regularly check on the weather to avoid unnecessary complications.

Beware of scammers

Some restaurants in tourist areas are trying to lure visitors from the extra money. Companies do not offer menus for foreigners with significantly higher prices. Kung pao chicken you-for example, instead of the usual $ 10 can cost up to twice. If you want to avoid this problem, first determine the real price of food in a restaurant on the Internet or visit your business, which will recommend a local guide.

Another problem is the so-called "black taxis". The name has nothing to do with the color of cars, these are scammers who offer their services much more expensive than the licensed taxis.

On the streets you will meet beautiful girls who will invite you for a cup of tea or coffee for free. But these young ladies working for cafes and teahouses with some exaggeration serves as bait for tourists. If the invitation svolíte, you end up with astronomical receipt by the charming hostess will leave before his sudden disappearance.

Folklore are similar in big cities as well as the ubiquitous beggars. Most of them are members of organized groups, whose daily earnings are much higher than those of Chinese officials.

Nuisance cities are of course pickpockets. In China, it is often necessary to carry cash, because many stores does not accept credit cards. If you move in busy places, pay attention to your personal belongings.

The official currency of the People's Republic of China as the Chinese yuan. Some scammers are well aware that foreigners do not recognize the genuine from the fake. After the purchase of the sunken streets so you end up with some bad paper in their hands. If you want to avoid this problem, the official shop in stores or on proven markets.

Without insurance nevyrážejte!

Travel insurance is the way to China, an absolute necessity. You never know what you at your destination can happen. In case of any problems, in addition to assistance services insurance you can also contact your local police. Personnel security services to tourists are very welcoming and happy to help with anything. Unfortunately, the majority of police officers, with the exception of large cities does not speak any foreign language. In case of difficulty are available as well as Czech consulate in Shanghai, whose staff can be contacted by phone or e-mail.

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