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Summer Shakespeare Festival 2015 140 performances begin June 25.

Summer Shakespeare Festival 2015 140 performances begin June 25. Less than three weeks remain until the start of next year's Summer Shakespeare Festival, which premiered bring Shakespeare's famous tragedy Romeo and Juliet staged by directing tandem SKUTR. Starring introduce Tereza Voříšková as Julie and Jan Sklenar as Romeo.

Two directors SKUTR (Luke Trpišovský, Martin Kukučka) in the implementation of Romeo and Juliet, surrounded by a proven team, with whom during the Summer Shakespeare Festival have collaborated on performances Midsummer Night's Dream (2013). "Viewers can expect skutrovskou poetic image, movement and sound. Text will be significantly curtailed, he points out its beauty and the audience is nevalily tons verses. And now we can say that the balcony scene will no balcony, "she says about the game, one of the directors, Luke Trpišovský.

Celebrations on the program's eight plays of William Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet, Much Ado About Nothing, Midsummer Night's Dream, Taming of the Shrew, The Merry Wives of Windsor, As You Like It, Twelfth evening or simply want to What, Othello (LSS production premiere in Bratislava) a unique orchestral concert of film music called Patrick Doyle - Shakespeare in Concert. Scheduled more than 140 performances.

"We are pleased that we have managed to ensure that viewers in Prague last July, three evenings a great evening Slovak comedy Twelfth What or simply want directed by Enikő Eszényi that Bratislava was a great success. We sought her for two seasons, but for organizational reasons we did this until now, "says the artistic director of the Festival of Libor Gross." She returns to Prague, also for three nights, comedy Ostrava production As You Like It directed by Michael Lang, who Last year was sold out. A special project will be a concert of film music of Scottish composer Patrick Doyle Shakespeare in Concert. You can hear the greatest hits from Hollywood adaptations of famous works of William Shakespeare, directed by Kenneth Branagh. PKF Orchestra - Philharmonia and Prague Philharmonic Choir will follow the court conductor Patrick Doyle James Shearman and the entire program will complement the actors performances Prague Shakespeare Company, "delivers yet Libor Gross.

In Prague's repertoire will also include last year's very successful Prime Minister Jiri Menzel's Much Ado About Nothing, which will be presented at the summer stage Music and Dance Academy of Performing Arts at Lesser Town Square. Additionally, viewers can look forward to comedy Midsummer Night's Dream, at a fixed star Celebrations Merry Wives of Windsor, and will also be the last opportunity to visit Daniel Spinar production of The Taming of the Shrew and Tatiana Vilhelmová Roman Zach, which will be the last performance in August.

Summer Shakespeare Festival will be held from June 25 to September 5.
In Prague will be held traditionally at two plenérových scenes. The Supreme Prague Castle and on the summer stage in the Music and Dance Academy of Performing Arts in the Lichtenstein Palace on Lesser Town Square. Celebrations will also be held in Brno, Ostrava and Bratislava. Performances usually begin at 20:30 and the ticket price is CZK 290.

Source: tz, LSS 2015

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