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Ivana and Nela Jirešová Boudová christened a new book about Buddhism

Sympathetic actress Ivana and Nela Jirešová Boudová, both known for their sympathy for Buddhism, the godfather of the new book The Magician of Lhasa Australian writer David Michie. Internationally renowned author had decided to visit Prague.

Buddhist readable and exciting book with a detective plot was baptized in the popular Good tearoom on Wenceslas Square in Prague, which Ivana Jirešová attended as a student. In the oasis amidst the bustling city whose tranquility guarded by a statue of Buddha, a book on happiness and its readers toast with Nelo Boudova refreshing tea cocktails "matcha tea," the Dalai Lama himself a drink.

Both actresses have failed not only Buddhism, but also eye-catching books by David Michie, author of books Dalai Lama and the Dalai Lama's cat and the cat purring art. Publications issued in English published by Synergy publishing in the last years became a hit reader.

"Books by David Michie easily read and person when they calm down. And goes out there feel that this world is ultimately everything as it should be, "she said
Ivan Jirešová that cat book Dalai Lama narrated in the form of CD. And it is now, along with the new book The Magician of Lhasa appear on the Czech market. Ivana and Nela Jirešová Boudová he had with David Michie what you say connects them not only interested in Buddhism, but also the love for cats and exotic travel.

Author David Michie is an internationally renowned author of successful books that bring Buddhism to readers in today's busy western world. His books are translated into many languages ​​and published around the world.

The book The Magician of Lhasa is readable blending of two seemingly independent destinies. The first is the story of a novice Buddhist monastery, leaving the Red Army after the entry into Tibet. The second hero is a British physicist whose career watching half a century later. An appealing book of detective záplatkou of intersecting lives of two different people in different time periods is full of unexpected and surprising twists. Everything in life meets us, it is in fact linked and happens by chance. Even quantum physics is connected with spirituality more than we think .... "You just energy condensed into matter at the moment, so that later again become pure energy," he writes in the book by David Michie.

The kindly written book will also learn it well, what is the vision of monks, what is the Tibetan mysticism, as monks are able to induce artificial death, and why even the skeptic who never interested in Buddhism, eventually sitting on a cushion ....

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