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Danger lurking in hotel rooms

After a long trudging finally you get to my hotel room. Air conditioning cools, lights are on, at first glance, everything looks clean and tidy. However, the opposite may be true. The hotel room is hidden hazards that are not always apparent.

New research of American doctors likened rooms, with a little exaggeration to hatchery germs.
Travelers should pay particularly attention to bathrooms and closets. Here you can often discover bacteria that can cause severe human disease. After every visit to the toilet is a necessity and thorough hand washing.
Hazards are even switch the TV remote or phones in the room. Although these devices at first glance may appear clearly, under the microscope they would be found on them many a bacterium. After handling these items can also prefer to wash your hands.

Inspect bedding

Another problem is the bedspread. If you are traveling to areas with lower levels of hygiene, be aware that this part of bedding the staff too often exchanged. Some throws accordingly and look. This supplement would prefer to fold up and store in a safe distance from his personal belongings. Then check sheets, blankets and pillows. If you find used, ask staff for a replacement. Seek and for signs of wall C. Little parasite is mostly just staying in their beds or sofas sets. It is a small flat dark brown insects that have no chance to catch. A sign of his presence are dark brown spots or stains on the sheets, mattress, bed frame, but also on the walls. If you notice fleas, immediately request a change of room or contact the delegate.

Only in slippers

Carpets are also a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and various allergens. In a foreign object after you have basically had to walk barefoot, but you should always keep slippers. Care for rugs is among the hotels vary in developing countries may be somewhat inadequate.

Cooling degree

Air conditioning to stay warm countries is inherently and is undoubtedly a useful part of the hotel room. Relieves the organism from a hot climate and reduces the incidence of bacteria, fungi and insects in the room. Thus, if the equipment is well maintained.
Otherwise, the air conditioning can be a source of infectious diseases.
Additionally, frequent transition from hot to a cold body also too assertion. Doctors recommend maintaining the room temperature between 21-25 ° C and air-conditioned room to ventilate regularly.
This device also worth a considerable drying of the skin and mucous membranes of the human body. Weather permitting, you should at least for the night off.

Rate risk is, of course, depends on the level of the hotel complex. The luxury resorts and certainly do not need to search for signs of dangerous infections. Caution However, you should pay attention for accommodation in lower category hotels, especially in countries with poor hygiene levels.

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