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A few types of holiday in Greece: From the Acropolis to the underwater caves

Long sandy beaches, clear waters, rich history, great food and friendly people. That makes Greece one of the most popular summer destinations. Dozens of smaller and larger islands additionally offers an incredible variety of experiences. Visitors can easily choose among themselves the romance in two or wild night life with bars and discos.

If you are thinking about visiting Greece during this summer, here are some tips you should not miss.

Athens is not only the sights, but good food and coffee

Although it may seem like Athens travel cliche, if you are going to Greece for the first time, definitely consider if there is at least a day or two do not stop. Hardly anywhere in the world you'll discover such a concentration of sights and you can walk places, which laid the foundations of modern Western civilization. Perhaps needless to mention that you can not visit Athens and omit such gems as the Acropolis, the sacred ninety meters high hill, which is the heart of the city, unique Parthenon, in which not a single straight line, designed by the sculptor Phidias and built of milky white marble specially for this purpose imported from the mountains Pentelikon or temple of the goddess Athena, from which you have great views of the sea and the mountains. If you want rather soak up the atmosphere of the city, go to a frappé in Plaka. In the port of Piraeus, which can be reached within half an hour or metro, then put the fish with fresh baguette and olive oil.

Children head to Hersonissos

One of the oldest resorts on the island of Crete, Hersonissos, offers long sandy beaches, amusement park with enjoyment especially for children, many taverns and easy access. "Hersonissos resort is ideal for families with children, since it ensures that the offspring will not be bored for a moment . In addition to the wide sandy beaches with gentle entry into the sea, children can easily get around by themselves, "says Michal Tuma, marketing director of travel agency Invia. Also worth visiting museum where you can see the herb garden or traditional presses for olive oil and wine.

Dive into the underwater caves in Rhodes

When you enough rest and lying on the water you get tired, definitely try one of the many water sports. If you've ever wanted is to try as scuba diving, surfing or water skiing, Greece offers ideal conditions.
Scuba gear you can buy at reasonable prices in almost every resort and fourteen thousand kilometers of coastline directly called for examination. In addition, if you are heading to the Greek island of Rhodes, definitely do not miss the Kalithea area with underwater caves. Rhodes is now also a popular destination for surfers. Surf you can rent on the spot and you can pay for a couple of hours with an experienced instructor.

Under Greek delicacies at Naxos

If you prefer a more peaceful vacation without many tourists choose often neglected island of Naxos with an extremely varied nature. "Although most extensive island of Naxos Cycladic archipelago, yet still maintains a rather peaceful atmosphere. So if you do not desire in bars and discos, Naxos is irresistible. As offering a number of mountains and hills and green valleys and supposedly the most beautiful beaches in Greece, "says Michal Tuma of the leading Czech travel agency Invia. By whom Naxos but certainly inspires, are gourmets. Every village on the island is proud of another specialty. You should not omit Kronos village in the northeastern part of the island. "The Taverna plats you the owner personally served to his specialty - lamb with tomatoes, zucchini pie and fried zucchini blossoms. Most of the ingredients that taste, moreover, come from her own garden, "says Michal Tuma.

Climb your mountains that are home to wolves and bears

Lovers of active holidays that rather than lying seaside appreciate hiking, could not miss an area called Zagoria in northwestern Greece. Vikos canyon hike or climb to the plateau Astraka is one of the most beautiful hiking trails that Greece offers. Traditional mountain villages and stone bridges over the river Vikos complete the unforgettable experience for those who want to know more wilder Greece and untouched nature, which is also home to wolves and bears.

5 reasons why you will love every Greece

1 is not far away. Flight time not exceeding two hours, so the path can handle the children.

About two historic gems you literally stumble.
Museums, ancient buildings and places of interest will satisfy even the most history buffs.

3 bathe on the most beautiful beaches in Europe,
its beauty can easily compete with the beaches of the Caribbean.

4 You will enjoy. From gyros through fresh fish, local olive oil and feta cheese to baklava and whipped frappes. Greek cuisine has much to offer.

5 is varied. Among the dozens of islands everyone will find exactly what they need. You can go to Greece every year, and yet still more surprises.

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