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New Skoda Superb Combi

New Superb Skoda once again sends a strong signal. Just a few months after the debut of the Superb will be launched in September this year the new Škoda Superb Combi. Attractive novelty, using innovative techniques based MQB, defines in its segment set new standards in spaciousness, comfort, security, connectivity and ecology.

The new Superb Combi has the largest interior and the largest luggage space in its class. The total maximum volume of the two-seat interior layout is approaching 2000 l. At the same time a new generation of this model carries a new, expressive design Skoda brand into the body emotionally and dynamically conceived estate. Thanks to this successful overall concept offers an accomplished interplay of functionality, aesthetics and emotions.

"The new generation of Škoda Superb Combi are existing strengths Superb further developed, so the new Superb once again sets new standards." Says board member for Technical Development Dr. Frank Welsch. "The combination of aesthetics, high technology and maximum benefit in practice It makes the new Superb Combi vehicle excellence. This new model brings our brand to new customers. "

The new Škoda Superb Combi comes up with the best offer of space in its segment. Car, using techniques based on MQB has extended the wheelbase by 80 mm to 2.841 mm, while increased track width 1.584 mm to 1.572 mm at the front and rear. The result is even more interior space. The driver and front passenger have a new generation of car available for 39 mm more space in width equal to the elbows than ever. Above the front seats is available for 995 mm and 1.001 mm above the rear - more than in any other model in this segment. The space in front of the knees of passengers in the rear seats is 157 mm - about twice more than the best competitor. Internal width of the interior in the amount of elbows here increased by 70 mm. A new peak value is also a luggage capacity: 660 liters represents the previous generation increased by 27 liters. With the rear seats folded, the luggage compartment even volume 1950 liters. This achieves ŠKODA Superb Combi values, which otherwise reach only the upper middle class cars.

The distinctive design of the new Škoda Superb Combi. The new model is proving to be more modern and more emotional than ever.

The overall shape of the car significantly affect the use of technology MQB: The long wheelbase, short front overhang and allow wider track and more balanced proportions give the car a very dynamic and sporty look. Silhouette style forms a perfect unit, consisting of the interplay of greater length of the car, the extended wheelbase shortened front overhang, arched roofline and very angled tailgate window. They have strong character and expressive bow and stern.

Superb Combi has a whole range of new driving assistance systems to enhance safety, comfort and environmental friendliness, conventional cars in higher classes. Like the Superb, also offers new Superb Combi chassis dynamic control Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC). The new generation model, thanks to new engines, meeting EU 6 emission standard, efficient and up to 30 percent more fuel efficient than the previous generation. Also achieves a new quality of connectivity: the latest generation of infotainment systems is via SmartLink automatically connect with all common smartphones (MirrorLinkTM standards, Apple and Android CarPlay Auto). Optional high speed internet connection transforms the new Superb Combi in mobile hotspot.

In September, the new Superb Combi making its exhibition debut at the 66th International Motor Show in Frankfurt (IAA). In the same month, the new model comes on the first markets.

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