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Prague Zoo: Tapir Born. Neither the old Tawny let shame.

On Tuesday, the zoo waited to see growth in the form tapířího baby. Further proof that spring is in full swing and love blooms at any age and in the zoo showed twenty-six male Ural Owl. He also became a father.

Born cute tapir

Striped and cute - such a young lowland tapir, which on Tuesday was born in Prague Zoo. The mother of the baby is fifteen female Ivana and father of twelve male Tex.

"The birth of a baby we expected for several weeks now, and we therefore finally came," said Prague Zoo director Miroslav Bobek. "The baby tapir was born Tuesday afternoon and now we know that it is okay, and it's a male. Also, both parents behave perfectly. "

Ivana females after approximately thirteen month of pregnancy gave birth in the outdoor enclosure. The delivery was quick and without complications, but due to lower temperatures had Breeders mother with a baby as soon as possible to move to the background.

"There Ivana cub licked and already around four in the afternoon lying together on straw. Drinking is still impossible to observe because the female immediately reacts to the presence of farmers and stands. Ivana but already reared two chicks and yet everything suggests that even that this is healthy and full of life, "said
Pavel Brandl, curator of mammals Prague Zoo.

Breeders have also decided not to separate the male Tex.
"Tex is fixed on Ivan lot, so we decided to leave them together. From the beginning to the baby behaves very calmly, "said Pavel Brandl.

Ivana was born March 7, 2000 in Jihlava Zoo and came to Prague in 2004, where she created a breeding pair the male Christian. He became a father in 2006, the first ever lowland tapir born in the Prague zoo. Since 2011, consists of Ivana couple male Tex Christián and is now breeding male at the zoo in Jihlava. Tex was born on September 14, 2003 in the United States, which is why the entire European livestock extraordinary. In Prague Zoo, South American tapirs were kept in the years 1950 - 1957 and then since 2004. All the babies are raised that Ivanina.

Tapirs are among equines, even if they are on the front foot and four toes in the back three. The most striking feature of the tapir is an elongated upper lip and nostrils, which creates a kind of short trunk. They used tapirs, like elephants - the tearing of plant foods, such as organ fine sense of smell and breathing in water or swamps.

The oldest zoo in the Ural owl surprised

To the surprise of farmers Prague Zoo nearly twenty-six male Ural Owl became the father of three young. Although it hatched in mid-April, but only now begin to leave the booth. Visitors now can clearly be seen in the exhibition owls on top of the zoo.

The oldest male Ural Owl was hatched 20 December 1989 and the Prague Zoo came in 1990. At the end of this year, therefore, was to celebrate his 26th birthday. Since his arrival in Prague fathered 58 offspring.

April's three cubs were the keepers of the Prague zoo but rather a surprise. Over the last six years, males had failed to fertilize a single egg. Breeders therefore too did not believe that at his age he was still able to become a father.

In Prague Zoo are kept two subspecies Ural whitish - Central European and Baltic. This is, after Výrov big second-largest Czech owl. Unfortunately, in many places during the last century extinct. The Prague zoo is therefore involved in the project to return the Ural Owl Greenwich back into the Šumava forests in Austria.

Source: tz Prague Zoo
Photo to tz: P. Hamerník, Prague Zoo

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