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Resist infection: what on the road (not) eat

When traveling to distant lands we meet dishes over which is mouthwatering. From culinary delight, however, could quickly become unpleasant memory on vacation. Contaminated food because it transmits large spectrum of infectious diseases. Every good traveler should thus follow a few basic tenets that make your body protect against dangerous infections.

Water and food to carry large amounts of bacteria, viruses and parasitic diseases. Undoubtedly the best known diseases caused by contaminated food is traveler's diarrhea. Through food may transmit a much more serious disease, bacillary dysentery, for example, typhoid fever, salmonellosis, hepatitis and various parasitic infections. Increased risk of these infections threatens particularly in developing regions. However, contaminated food can easily become infected even when traveling to neighboring Germany.

It is based on clean hands

Before every meal, do not forget about adequate hygiene of your hands. First, your hands thoroughly with warm water, then apply soap and gradually wash hands, backs of hands, fingers and interdigital areas. A very dangerous place, which is often forgotten space under your fingernails. A thorough hygiene podnehtových spaces serve a small hand brush. For drying is best to use disposable paper towels. When traveling in developing countries, among which undoubtedly include the much-frequented countries like Egypt or Thailand, after drying hands, use alcohol-based disinfection. Use extreme caution especially when traveling or sightseeing among the local populations.

Principles of safe food

Cook it, bake it's peel it, or forget it! That is the basic rule experienced traveler. Every dish served should undergo a heat treatment. Fruits and vegetables should be eaten only after peeling. If after all, irresistible fruits with skins, wash it with clean water at least. Lovers of eggs and egg dishes should consume only hard-boiled eggs. Certain restrictions apply also drinks. Never drink water from the tap. Although tap water may be drinkable, but often has a different mineral composition, which may cause indigestion to diarrhea. The basis of drinking regime would be bottled water. For each purchase, check the integrity of the packaging and cap. Some traders had sold bottles filled with tap water. Ice should also be prepared from packaged or disinfected water. Regarding hot drinks, usually there are no restrictions apply. Be careful, however upon adequate hydration while drinking large amounts of coffee. No problem was not drinking pasteurized milk.

What is prohibited

Do not eat food served at room temperature. These include a variety of salads and raw or undercooked meat and fish dishes. If possible, avoid eating on the street. Street chef is usually not observe basic hygiene rules. Indigestion from such foods are almost one hundred percent certainty.

Holiday in foreign counties definitely not a set of commands and prohibitions. But we should bear in mind that the level of hygiene in many countries is lower than in the Czech Republic. It is better to refuse certain foods and not risk the emergence of health problems that disrupt fond memories of traveling.

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