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Children and Preschool rings - yes or no?

Child and preschool education for parents big question. Its proper development of preschool care both parents, as well as kindergarten. But there is another way children develop and offer them a variety of stimuli, and the pre-school circles.

Above the rings but often hangs and even parents are often not sure whether they will be for children in this age benefit or, rather unnecessarily loaded. How did it but watching the experts, helping rings preschool children really develop?

To develop the correct writing is essential for a child called graphomotorics, which now account for over two years. It is advisable to plant it, but up to four years, there is no need for a child not to push him to lead a more positive and motivated. Way for a child to develop graphomotoric addition kindergartens and preschools form rings.

The child is in fact necessary to give various incentives, because their diversity plays a significant role, especially at a time when many traditional games and activities for children representing modern technology. Art, dance, music, drama, sports, perhaps even instructive rings offer a diverse range of activities that children develop in different directions. Parents and children do not have to choose from a limited menu, and select only the English language or football, but also cooking, modeling of ceramic, solving riddles and puzzles or art drawing. There are also specially oriented rings that focus directly on the development of motor skills, communication and cognition.

Here, however, parents' opinions often differ on the rings. They are children of this age really is just a benefit or unnecessarily burden besides attending to kindergarten? Experts in children's education is to select always this way a compromise between the demands of the child and the time parents or extended family. If the child itself shows interest in certain circles, we had it within time and budget allow. In the event that on the contrary rings interest does not show, it is possible to try at least one of the rings, either within or attending kindergarten else to try. Often children start talking circles until after the first hour and show interest as well as others. If the ring sick child, you can try another. But certainly not to place the child into force rings.

There is always the possibility graphomotoric develop together at home, such as drawing. The parents in this case would have had from the beginning to ensure correct grip drawing tools. May consider the use of so-called. Adapter, a device that children should learn the proper grip.

A similar view is also an expert on the right and healthy writing Jana Johnová. "With a choice of ring it is necessary to proceed very deliberately and prioritize rings, where parents and their children meet in joint activities. Parents who are in smaller cities this option rings do not, They need not worry for that reason, because for the healthy development of their child is the most important time that a child spends with his parents and siblings. For custom development graphomotoric is advisable to choose a common activity when a parent with a child paints or draws, playing with construction but also jointly performing various chores. Help a child in the household for his fine skills development is important, but often children are excluded from these activities as parents are concerned that their child breaks something, "explains Jana Johnová.

Rings preschoolers are therefore rather an extension for gifted children when we were still developing their talents. If your child spends time in the nursery, where it should be well and expertly guided by the teacher, this should be sufficient for its development and for him is really important to spend time together in the afternoon with a parent. If the ring is organized in the framework of stay in kindergarten may attend any further rings discretion and financial possibilities of parents.

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Author tz: Lenka Netušilová

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