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Expo 2015 Prague Zoo for the first time at the World Exhibition

May 1 was launched in Milan Expo 2015 World Exhibition for the first time also attended the Prague Zoo, which in a unique e-bolide James Nepraš present their projects to protect endangered species.

"Of course we want to introduce the world to the Prague Zoo, but at the same time our goal is to demonstrate a sense of modern zoos. This corresponds with the theme of this Expo Feeding the planet, energy for life more than it might seem at first sight. Feeding the planet, feed the planet, that means to feed her and yet utterly destroy, "says the director of the Prague Zoo Miroslav Bobek, adding that in his eyes e-Bolide depicts just one dead" eaten "the planet, but which conceals the life that Prague zoo is trying through a variety of projects to protect.

In three dimensions, about three meters high sculpture exhibition, visitors will find a total of seven holes, which will see breathtaking images of animals and their home country, which is trying to protect the Prague Zoo in the long term. For example, the Przewalski's horse in Mongolia, gorillas and forest elephants in Central Africa, gavials in India, the birds in Southeast Asia, but also snakes dice in Troy. Three extra holes design work on the principle of spatial illusion. Using a special camera captures the viewer's head position and pushes the layers of videos by eye position.
E-Bolide is located on the rooftop of the Czech pavilion and after the exhibition will be moved to the Prague zoological garden near the newly built pavilion reed.

Prague zoological garden today is not only an attractive tourist destination, but also an institution that has long sought to rescue the endangered animals. Leading studbook 14 kinds of animals and participate in projects to protect the wild populations. Not only successfully breeds endangered species, but not the least is helping to protect the right in place of their natural habitat. In many emergency projects combining both approaches and returning animals bred in the Prague Zoo in the wild in their original homeland.

Its activities in the field of conservation and endangered species present in detail the Prague Zoo in Milan the media at a press conference and visitors to the World Expo in the Czech pavilion during the day dedicated to the Prague Zoo, which will be held on Tuesday, 9 June 2015.

Projects that Prague Zoo introduces, through e-bolide at the Expo 2015

Return Przewalski horses to Mongolia
Protecting gorillas in Africa (project Stray bus)
Protection of forest elephants in Central Africa
Protection Gavial Indian in India
Reintroduction of bearded vultures and vultures necrophagous
Protecting birds in Southeast Asia
Protecting snakes tessellata in Troja basin

* * *

Projects to save endangered species and encourage visitors to Prague Zoo tops of two mA each input. Assistance can also be also be sending any financial contribution to help them survive account, sending a donor SMS or purchase special souvenirs.

Source: tz Prague Zoo
Photo: Jakub Nepraš, Prague Zoo

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