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One showering you pulls from her purse to CZK 15.50, might not

If you originally thought that this is the amount you pay for a refreshing shower somewhere in camp or at the gas station, then you are wrong. So much can pay an average of Bohemia, one ten-minute shower at home.

According to statistics, in fact Czechs showering once a day, at least 4 times a week, for about 10 minutes. Those who have in their showers installed so. Saver - or saving patented aerators, are doing much better and for the same length showering spends only 6.20 CZK.

For most of us the daily evening shower or bath absolute necessity, without which we can not imagine good rest or start to the day. Many fans showering then went so far that they did not hesitate and took a shower boxes with only a radio or MP3 player as well as a steam generator. Daily ritual is more pleasant, but a few, will it wants to terminate after a few minutes. It is not unusual to find it and spend 15 minutes or more, and the result? The only showering in the cheaper version of such a shower box you pulls from her purse to 23,30 CZK!

Also, you thought that showering always save?

"If you think that showering automatically save, then know that's not entirely true. If you are not one of the patented water savers, it may happen that the shower or bath to completely consume the same amount of water, "says expert David Otáhal of a specialized portal

One full bath can accommodate its size by about 150-200 liters of water, while an average of one long shower can be in terms of water consumption entirely equivalent. Just to have a tap is turned on and maximum water flow 20 liters per minute, then he himself will ensure that you during the 10 minute showers will spill into the channel up to 200 liters of water. Completely unnecessary.

"In doing so, each to quite the same feeling while showering enough, less than half of this consumption. In addition, the solution is quite simple, just check into existing shower heads simply install a special insert, an insert that reduces instantaneous water consumption by 50-75% without any user feel discomfort, "says Otáhal and specification adds that these saving aerators operate on the principle of mixing water with air and water pressure dynamic compensation, only to achieve the correct function is necessary to use patented products with guaranteed flow values ​​(identified by marking PCA).

Instead of 20 liters only 8

The aerator is at a ten-minute shower suddenly reduced consumption from the original 200 liters to 80 liters, and if you will be soaping, shaving and shampooing head extra water and off, it can get real consumption up to 50 liters.
Ordinary household with four members then place the current consumption of about 800 liters per day for daily showering, pays only about 200-320 liters. It is as if today's needs without aerator showered only one member of the household and the other three were showering completely free.

Go through the house with a calculator, save!

Maybe you'll be very surprised how much money be wasted every day for showering, flushing, washing dishes, or just the very hot water, lighting standard lamps, stand-by operation of television, DVD and other appliances, or laundry or washing dishes in the dishwasher when not running so. cheap electricity.
"It all can save a lot of money, which then within the family budget can be used elsewhere. You can just figure out how much water and sewerage charges and other energy you pay for, perhaps it will amount higher than in Prague, where water is indeed far from being the most expensive. To determine the current consumption of water per second, get a simple specific bag that after 10 seconds shows the current flow, "says David Otáhal.

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