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To get the better of diabetes? Start with proper diet!

Keep blood sugar within normal limits is sometimes real work. Carbohydrate metabolism is to affect a wide range of external influences. If you want to gain control of your organism, you should first of all start living a healthier lifestyle.

You are what you eat. Hoary cliche fully confirms the effect of the daily diet on the health of the human body. Diabetics should for proper insulin dosage should especially watch your carbohydrate intake. Initially it probably can not do without a written record of meals eaten - in the era of modern technology, however, no longer need to write everything on paper, try to look for some clever application. Regular meals, reasonable portion sizes and balanced diet composition are in fact the centerpiece of a diabetic diet. If the issue of healthy food stuck, feel free to use the services of a Diabetologist and nutrition specialists. With their help, you can create a menu can be tailored.

Life in motion

Regular physical activity improves carbohydrate metabolism, increases the sensitivity of human tissue to the action of insulin, but also reduces excess kilos. Overweight and obesity along with diabetes forms a deadly duo, which significantly contributes to the development of cardiovascular disease. Selection of appropriate activities should be discussed with your doctor.
Most preferred are called aerobic activities, which include walking, running, cycling or swimming.
Doctors recommended to perform the movement for at least 30 minutes five times a week.
Training plan should be adapted to the individual patient, especially if that uses insulin.
During sports Keep the show you are diabetic and in case you need something sweet.
Of course there is adequate hydration during and after the performance.

Predict It!

Cigarettes are dangerous for completely healthy individuals. That is devastating their impact on the body affected by diabetes. Smoking habit in combination with diabetes greatly increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. End of why cigarettes before it is too late. If you can not handle it yourself, you can entrust in the hands of competent professionals. A journey to a healthier life, he really does through a cloud of cigarette smoke.

Alcohol moderation

If you occasionally indulge on a few glasses, nothing serious happens. More frequent alcoholic tea parties, however, can severely damage the health of the liver and thus worsen the course of diabetes. So first consult your doctor for advice on alcohol consumption. Are safe dose for men and two for women, one "glass" - we mean dvanáctistupňového 1/2 liters of beer, 2 dl of wine or a "dummy" hard liquor.

Diabetes treatment requires considerable self-discipline. The long-term course of the disease but is the cause of the neglect of the principles of a healthy lifestyle. If patients do not comply with proper diet, blood sugar is transformed into a devastating weapon, which reliably destroy the organism. The result is increased mortality in a group of diabetics compared with the rest of the population. There is no good reason to contribute to the sad statistics of mortality from diabetes. So do not hesitate and go towards a healthier and longer life.

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