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Former employees of the Company may become even millions

SMBs have his image on the internet too do not mind. "And even those that operate directly on the Internet and are therefore at the positive evaluation of their products or services directly dependent because, for example, shop or run a greater part of their business linked to the Internet in any other way," adds Kateřina Procházková from the portal, which recently held a unique media survey.

The survey covered a total of 296 small and medium-sized companies, who admitted that his image on the Internet and published information about their company exploring more or less randomly. Up to 42.2% of companies surveyed on their own looks reference only 1 - 2 times a year!
Less than half of companies surveyed (45.9%) controls his image at least once a month / of which 17.2% of the companies daily, 18.6% of companies per week, 10.1% of companies per month - see below chart and table /. Never before has your business so neohlídalo 7.8% of respondents. The remaining 4.1% of the companies controlled by reference roughly once a quarter.

Lies and slander on the Internet

If the company finds some negative reference, lies or rumors, then their solutions usually taken on by the owners and executives of companies. Unfortunately, very often they do so with a great time slip, solving a long put off, and if you go to it, usually ends without apparent success.

With lawyers or media experts are to address defamation companies merge only a tiny fraction of those who experienced negative comments, and they want their negative publicity ever dealt with. "Surprisingly, a large proportion of damaged companies feel that the media image thus obtained nothing Do not worth the trouble to them, they do not know with him advice, or they feel that this is a wasted funds. This despite the fact that it is a negative reference on the internet already prepared hundreds of thousands or even millions, "wonders of the data obtained from the questionnaire Procházková.

A disgruntled former employee can prepare your company millions

The decline in orders and loss of customers is usually the first sign that something was wrong. If the company finds that they are to blame negative reference, usually finds a further search of the originator. The survey showed that the greatest financial impact is damaging the reputation of the company from former employees.
Overall, within the polling recorded loss of contracts / orders in 124 cases. The most common cause of this condition were dissatisfied clients (77 cases), together with the competition (46 cases), but it was not as a consequence of significant financial loss, usually the thousands or desetitícové items.
The great financial loss to the company recorded when it is on the internet defamed former employees (18 cases) or partners (8 respondents). And it is the former employees, shareholders and exceptionally competitive, companies who cause the loss of hundreds of thousands (18 companies surveyed) or even millions (indicated by 6).

Rapid action to prevent high damage

"When combating negative information on the Internet is just the reaction speed what most can mitigate any damages as shown by survey may be of the order of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions," says Procházková.
If small and medium-sized Czech firms recorded a similar attack, usually solves it yourself, but rarely achieve the desired result. This step has admitted a total of 101 respondents, 22 were successful of them and the other 79 did not work out disputes in favor of businesses damaged well. Specialized agencies addressed only 4 companies, law services then used the 12 respondents. 7 other companies currently resolves a dispute and seek professional help, the remaining 172 companies of any similar case is still needed.
"As it turned out, firms are in crisis communication saves for the services of experts, which is definitely something happened, but the survey showed that in the final stage of their financial losses are much higher than those of professional services often happen," concludes Procházková.

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