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Cancer on the red carpet: celebrity, who won the fight against the insidious disease

Cancer does not choose his victims by state financial accounts, achievements or social popularity. Among the patients so often there are also famous actors, athletes and musicians. Their tempestuous life stories remind us that we are all people of flesh and blood. But more importantly, other celebrity patients show that the fight is the insidious disease can be won.

Actresses in jeopardy

Malignant tumors of the breast and female genital system are among the most feared types of cancer. His would tell about actress Christina Applegate (Married with Children) and Fran Drescher (The Nanny). Christina in 2008, doctors diagnosed breast cancer at an early stage. In addition, the examination revealed that the famous actress is a carrier of the BRCA1 gene mutation. This causes familial occurrence of breast cancer. Christina and instead underwent prophylactic mastectomy (removal of bilateral mammary glands) in order to avoid the possible occurrence of tumor growth in the future. Fran Drescher, the actress famous for its peculiar role of nurses in the American sitcom, in turn, successfully won her battle with cervical cancer. Both actresses are currently busily involved in the prevention of tumor diseases. Breast cancer successfully overcome and Cynthia Nixon, which is particularly popular among Spectator for the role of Miranda in Sex and the City.

Stronghold Hollywood actors

Movie tough guy Robert de Niro faced with prostate cancer in 2004. Following in the footsteps of his manly roles virulent disease leading position. The charismatic actor and successfully defeated the most common type of cancer of the male population. Robert de Niro still talking about happiness, is not to early detection of disease, he would have among us will most likely not. Sticker irresponsible patient also belongs Hugh Jackman. Hero action films have been three times to undergo surgery for malignancy of the skin . The actor is ignored medical warnings and stay in the sun did not use sunscreen. Now their fans through social networking warns not to be so careless as he and paid attention to proper prevention.

Cancer famous across the world

The sold-out concert halls, multi platinum and unique voice did not protect against cancer or singer Kylie Minogue. Šestačtyřicetiletá pop star from Australia his battle with the disease luckily won. To hospital in Sydney, however, there is still, so that she danced and sang in pediatric patients. Cancer also defeated singer Red Stewart and singer Olivia Newton John.
When in 1996, Lance Armstrong, diagnosed with testicular cancer, certainly did not anticipate that in the coming years will take over seven prestigious cycling race Tour de France. Black spots on a fabulous display of manpower famous cyclist, however, is the fact that the titles he helped the use of banned substances. But cancer is beatable at any age. About us convinced that the deceased politician Nelson Mandela, who was successfully treated in an incredible 83 years!

The strength of our countrymen

Rhapsody should not be introduced only abroad. Our famous countrymen also have a life force to spare. Examples include Martin Koukal, Lenka Termerová, Anna K, Lucie Bila and Martina Hingis. All gentlemen know what it is, ill insidious cancer. Currently actively working to improve the prevention of tumor growth in our country. Cancer of your victim is not collected.

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