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Solar radiation contributes to protect against skin cancer?

Mild sunbathing outdoors or on sun beds can be good preparation for summer vacation.

Sunburn and recreational body exposure to sunlight, eg. During the summer vacation, promote the development of skin cancer, especially in people with fair skin. The risk of developing skin cancer is also strongly determined by genetic factors. British scientists are engaged in research on how vitamin D levels in the blood affects the risk of skin cancer.

The researchers conducted an analysis of tumor and the prognosis for a large group of patients suffering from skin cancer. They found that patients with insufficient levels of vitamin D had more tumors and course of the disease is worse than patients with higher levels of vitamin D. Australian scientists have come to similar conclusions. Have shown that regular exposure of the body to sunlight at work reduces the risk of skin cancer.

"Scientists have found that regular moderate exposure to sunlight helps the body to reduce the risk of skin cancer. The modern lifestyle, which is characterized by mostly staying indoors, is therefore associated with a higher risk of cancer. We recommend regular modest extent exposed body to sunlight, to ensure adequate levels of vitamin D and also to create a natural protection against the sun, "explains Ad Brand, spokesman for the Sunlight Research Forum (SRF).

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Sunlight Research Forum (SRF) is a non-profit organization based in the Netherlands. Its aim is to provide the general public with the latest medical and scientific knowledge about the effects of moderate exposure to ultraviolet radiation of the human body.

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