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Children and dental caries? The dentist advises solutions and how to avoid them in the future

Wide selection of sweets shops are increasingly reflected in the dental health of our descendants. Their decay rises and the first findings of defects occurring in increasingly younger children, says Dr. Vadym Sherman, a dentist from the clinic Mediestetik. They can tell you how dental caries in children to prevent when children visit the dentist for the first time and what type of filling is best for them.

The first step to a healthy dentition of children is a healthy diet. Excessive consumption of sweets only increases the risk of dental caries. The most effective prevention is to create a regular habit of brushing your teeth and visit the dentist. "Start with dental hygiene in children should be used immediately after their first teeth erupt. From the beginning is done 1x per day and gradually adds second cleaning as adults, "says Dr. Sherman from the clinic Mediestetik.
On the first visit the dentist you by a doctor with a child had been issued after the discovery of the first of the tab, ie in 6 to 8 months of age, but no later than at the time of the child's first birthday.

Spoiled milk teeth should not be underestimated, may in fact leave the consequences in the form of inflammation, abscess or cyst growth in second teeth. It may also damage the enamel. How can this be prevented? "Again, prevention, which must begin at home while brushing your teeth. Another way to prevent caries, preventive fluoridation dentists or fissure sealing, which involves sealing the gaps between the bumps on the biting surfaces of the teeth side, thus avoiding the mechanical adhesion of plaque on the teeth and cause tooth decay followed, "explains dentist.

Once a child has decay occurs, should be carefully selected filler material. "For children, the treatment chosen a different material than adults, because they can not keep the tooth in perfectly dry, which today composite fillings require. In the opposite case, such padding does not hold a fall. Children are therefore used glass ionomer cements and compomers, which do not require absolute drought in the application and have a very good aesthetic effect, "says the dentist.

Avoiding would, according to him had amalgam plombám which are not suitable for adults, let alone children. "Contain hazardous ingredients such as mercury, which can be released into the body over time," warns Dr. Sherman.

If a child from a visit to the dentist drilling teeth and panic, blemishes can be treated without drilling. But you have to come early. "Non-invasive methods of treatment of caries there are plenty. For example, treatment with the help of German technology ICON, however, that as well as composite fillings requires a completely dry environment, which is achieved by deploying special insulating membrane called cofferdam. These procedures, however pediatric patients not fully tolerated, and thus should be treated minor defects beginning in time with the help of fluoridation. Its foundation is to prevent the formation of dental caries, particularly careful hygiene, "says the dentist.

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