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Sedentary job shortens life and contributes to long neschopenkám

Too much sitting can by numerous scientific studies lead to serious diseases. In addition, back pain is associated with overweight while, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. A back pain Czechs call in sick an average of 70 days. According to experts, is not enough to sit well, but occasionally from his chair to stand up and give your body a chance to rest from the session, experts say. The trend is to work standing up.

Excessive sitting increases the risk of premature death. This is the result of scientific studies carried out in the USA, Canada, Australia and Asia in the years 2004 to 2010. Improper and long sessions while most people away with aching backs. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system, according to figures from the Institute of Health Information ČR second leading cause of disability. The total volume days on while in the long run even primacy. Of this group of diseases is the most labor incapacity called dorsalgia involved, ie back pain. And when the Czechs backs were ill, it's not for a couple of days. In 2011, the average duration of one such case was almost 70 days. Sick leave caused by back pain is also constantly growing. In 1980 the third.

Companies are aware of the dangers of long-term of sick and trying to provide workers with sufficient comfort. "Employers are the risks supported employees with sedentary positions aware. Therefore, more and more workers are buying quality ergonomic chair, footrest or armrests, which negatively impacts the session can be reduced. Even so, it is important to remember that the employees should also allow regular breaks during which they can get up from the chair, "said Jana Martinková of Activa company that delivers office supplies.

Sitting by research scientists suffer from a spine. Studies have shown that excessive sitting decreases the activity of the enzyme lipoprotein lipase, which helps burn fat, reduced bone density, which increases the risk of fractures, narrowing the diameter of blood vessels and increases blood pressure, which affects the risk of developing heart disease. Also negatively affects blood sugar and cholesterol and increased risk of breast cancer and colon cancer. Long sessions in addition reduces muscle activity that is necessary to support the movement of lymph. The lymphatic system, unlike the circulatory system has a pump and is most dependent on muscle contractions feet. When seated, the muscles of the legs and almost not involved lymph system is limited. This slows down and removing harmful substances from the body.

The latest trend is to work standing up. In the world appeared around 2007 and gradually coming to us. The ideal is to invest in positioning table, or try to find a space where you can work in a standing position and without the purchase of special furniture. When working from home it can be elevated slab kitchen counter that many kitchens have. "Absolutely the best break session is an organization of some work to deadlines - meetings with colleagues, dealing with clients - standing, or even necessary in motion. For example, meeting in the nearest park. It is not a sci-fi, abroad this already routinely tested and know well Czech entrepreneurs who successfully such meetings in motion practice, "said a specialist in preventive medicine and nutrition Margit Slimáková.

According to doctors, it is necessary to think of it, that work is not everything. Is an important and active recreation. "Back problems are not only the result of the session, but unfortunately the total population of muscular weakness. We do not want to admit that for the past 50 years we have stopped coming, and normal physical work, which developed muscle facilities as a whole. Correct sitting not save, if not growing evenly and do not support the muscular system, "George Běhounek recommended by your doctor. At the same time, however, warns against reckless overloading musculoskeletal and spine crash sports performance in low and warm-up prior load. Office workers who are dedicated to sport a limited time, is precisely the impact of physical activity tend.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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