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Household 21st century: the main role is played by the most efficient appliances

Monitoring energy consumption and especially the electricity in recent years has become a primary concern of most Czech households. Prices for electricity supply to grow and we are naturally looking for ways to save.

The market for electrical appliances have the opportunity to choose from a huge variety of products from refrigerators, washing machines or dishwashers over vacuum cleaners, printers to diverse types of lamps. They offer us the most economical expected low operating costs, which usually corresponds to a slightly higher purchase price.

When buying new appliances, in addition to the numbers on the price tag usually decide according to other criteria. These are size, shape, color, design or specific manufacturer's mark and the corresponding function and properties of the appliance. One of the main criteria would in any case be the cost of operation of the new appliances throughout its life. The basic idea of the operating costs of a new refrigerator or washing machine, primarily the consumption of electricity, you do it with so-called energy label. They are with us, like in the European Union since 2001 are obliged to disclose all sellers energy consuming household appliances.

You can save up to tens of thousands

In the case of the energy performance of appliances in the home is a clear direct correlation. The more electricity a product consumes, the more we will become its operation. We can help an example of the operating costs of the older type refrigerators with the consumption of 2 kWh of electricity per 24 hours of operation. "Over ten years, the average lifespan of the refrigerator, we can pay up to thirty thousand more than in the operation of a new type of fuel-efficient with a consumption of 0.5 kWh for 24 hours. Not to mention the difference in user comfort between the new and older product, "says David Vandrovec from REMA, which deals with the taking back of electrical equipment and batteries. Energy intensity of the refrigerator or consumption during use is graphically represented in the label. When buying a refrigerator, which is one of the busiest appliances in every home, we should take into account the energy efficiency class A longer enough. "The most economical types are labeled class A +++, meaning that consume at least 50% less than the cooler Class A, "adds Vandrovec.

How do you equip saving household

The example of selecting a new refrigerator, we have shown what can be the difference in energy consumption and operating costs. But to actually practiced in the home except refrigerators as well as economical as washing machines, dishwashers and vacuum cleaners, we should also take into account other criteria. One of the most important is the size or volume of the appliance. For optimum seek refrigerators size you really use it, thus expressing numbers - it should be around 50-70 liters per person. For washing machines outside the energy class crucial for changing water consumption, which should ideally be for less than 1760 liters of water per 1 kg of laundry. The same parameters will be observed for dishwashers, which should have an annual water consumption to 3360 liters (width 60 cm) and to 3080 liters (width 45 cm). For vacuum cleaners again curiosity missing energy labeling classes, and therefore should be selected according to operational energy, which should be less than 300 Wh per 10 m2.

The exact cost calculate the clever application

Information about class energy efficiency and energy consumption on the label, however, only gives a partial picture of the operating costs of electrical appliances. The most important parameters are for our annual electricity consumption and electricity consumption for the entire life of the appliance. For a precise idea available today use a special application example in smart mobile phones. "We can take as helpers when buying who we calculate the exact energy costs and enable consumers to quickly find the most economical products," says David Vandrovec, Director of REMA. Thanks to innovations like we have another practical way to compare products with each other. "This is important because electricity costs can be within a different energy classes. If we know the price of electricity in our place of residence, we can calculate the annual energy costs for a new appliance practically your last dollar, "he adds Vandrovec.

Since the new year labels also in online stores

Our shopping habits are changing, so it is normal that increasingly looking for information on prices and consumer tests results on the Internet. The online stores also buy it. From 1 January 2015 all consumers can determine the energy performance of a wide range of products much faster. According to EU regulations, online traders must display home appliances and light sources, which are the subject of energy labeling, with a European label, in electronic form. The current regulation only covered stone shops, so the Internet to show only textual information, but in many cases not sufficient form. By that label each product assigns efficiency class A +++ (best) to D (worst), will be at the online purchase very easy to distinguish the product from the economical "energy hog." Online shops have labeling of refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, room air conditioning, television, vacuum cleaners, lamps and lighting fixtures.

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