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First aid kit on the road: what to bring to the trunk

You are about to climb snowy peaks, out with friends on a wild river or going to sunbathe on the sunny beach? Either way, in any case, do not forget to pack your suitcase travel kit. Its services do when traveling often unintentionally perforce use it.

Whether you go anywhere in your luggage should cram at least basic medicines and medical supplies. They never know what you during your journey can happen. First aid kit with yet always useful, especially when traveling to places where it is unavailable quality medical care. By're bringing drugs from home, in addition to worry about their quest for abroad.

Contents of medicine: equipment against 12 health risks

Pain and fever. The fight with fever and pain will be more than sufficient medicines over the counter, you can equip ibuprofen, aspirin or aspirin.
Indigestion. Travellers' diarrhea is a bit of folklore traveling. For the treatment of less serious forms of diarrhea make do with charcoal, or nifuroxazidem diosmektitem. With over-acidic stomach can handle antacids. To avoid dehydration, rehydration solutions do not forget your powder. If you are constipated, on the contrary, it should not be missing in your trunk laxative.
Diseases of the respiratory system.
If you suffer from allergies, upgrade with some antihistamine. Supportive treatment of coughs and colds consists of drops in the nose and cough medicines.
Traveling means of transport. Do you belong to an individual who is doing nauseous during transport ride? Then do not forget the so-called anti-motion sickness drugs.
First Aid. On the road you may encounter many unexpected accidents. First aid you need bandages, gauze, plasters, antiseptic solutions and rubber gloves. Richness aid kits depends on the risks of your journey.
Eye protection. Sand, dust and sun do your eyesight too well. The solution is called antiseptic drops and artificial tears that moisturizes eye strain.
Protection from the sun. Many travelers solves the problems associated with excessive sun exposure. Whether you travel anywhere, always equip sunscreen. He should have a protection factor of at least 15. In case of burns, use creams containing aloe vera and panthenol.
Poisonous insects.
Mosquitoes, ticks and flies transmit many infectious diseases. Before their annoying dotíráním you safe repellents. Another way of defense is proper clothing and mosquito nets. Symptoms alleviate biting creams containing antihistamines.
Personal protection. If you eat your hands, think of cleansing with antibacterial wipes or disinfectant solutions based on alcohol. An integral part of first aid kits should be well condoms protect you against sexually transmitted diseases.
Allergic reactions. Individuals with any kind of allergy should not forget antihistamines or corticosteroids.
For peace of mind. Travel brings a certain amount of stress. After consultation, your doctor may prescribe sleeping pills or anti-anxiety.
Against infection. If you are traveling to an area with low hygienic standard and hard to reach medical care, consult your doctor about the possibility of prescribing antibiotics.

Collapsed on the road

Do you suffer from any chronic disease that requires regular medication use? Then, before beginning their journey to create a sufficient supply of specific drugs. Abroad, mostly because drugs do not raise easily. Include the necessary drugs at a higher level than you need on the road. Alternatively, take along even recipes. Remember, however, make a copy in case of loss. People with chronic illnesses would journey should take some documentation about their health.

An old proverb says that prevention is half your health, because disease to be prevented. When traveling you can meet a lot of nice, but unpleasant experiences. Be prepared for any woes of their journey and do not forget to equip your travel kit. Luck favors the prepared because a proper medical equipment will surely help in overcoming any pitfalls.

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