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April 1 starts the main season caves

Cave Administration of the Czech Republic cares about fourteen caves, which are located in the basement of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. Every year, the cave attracts over half a million tourists a variety of interests and age groups from home and abroad.

In 2014, the number of visitors of all caves about 10%. Caves are also often a popular subject for filmmakers shooting fairy tales, documentaries, often are dignified environment of cultural events.

Opening Times

Following the year-round open caves Bozkov and Výpustek, another cave with limited opening hours open gradually from January. They are Chýnovská, Koněpruské, Špičáku on the border, Mladečské, aragonite, Katerina, Balcarka, Punkevní and Sloupsko-šošůvské.

From 1 April it will be eleven caves operated with a fixed opening hours will also be open on Easter Monday and public holidays. The exception is Děvičky Castle, where visitors have priority over wintering bats and where the opening scheduled for April 18 Earth Day Celebrations .

Rebuilding entrance area Javoříčko caves lets you open them up in July. Certain restrictions await visitors Punkevní caves, where he continues construction of a new entrance area. Will be opened in March, closed in April, but since May open in full operation, with only the movement of visitors to be regulated by the construction process.

News for visitors

During the 2015 season, going Cave Administration of the Czech Republic for the visitors gradually open:
- A new operational facility Javoříčko caves
- New information center at the abyss
- Archaeological exhibition in a cave outhouse in the area Sloupsko-šošůvské caves
- Popular-scientific exhibition "People and cave" in the area of the cave ellipsis
- A new operational facility Punkevni caves

All fourteen caves is ready to provide visitors this season, a pleasant environment, rich experience, quality service and advice and practical examples to supplement the knowledge and understanding of the history and present our beautiful and precious natural underground.

Admission to the caves from r. 2014 has not changed, all the complete information, including opening times and any discounts on admission are available here .

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