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Spring in South Tyrol: skiing, Easter traditions and asparagus weeks

In South Tyrol / Südtirol, the province situated in the north of Italy, was until May skiing, big events are preparing Easter and the egg races Preisguffen. On the plate there is also such asparagus. What must it cook at home with the Bozen sauce?

In South Tyrol you can ski until May 3. As long season lasts for South Tyrolean glaciers. In Sulden / Solda lying in the magical backdrop of the Ortler, the highest peak of South Tyrol, and Schnalstal / Val Senales, where they found the famous mummy Ötzi and are renowned snowboard resort. Solda has 40 kilometers of ski slopes, 35 km Schnalstal.

In Schnalstal is going on April 25 unique race - Ötzi Alpine Marathon where athletes reach the bottom. Its subtitle is: A blooming apple to the glacier. The race consists of three disciplines: mountain biking, running and output on alpine skis. Interested parties can compete either for themselves or in three-person teams. Copes with the 42.2 km and 3241 meters of altitude. It starts from the village Naturns / Naturno and through valleys Schnalstalské athletes climb up to the top of the gondola lift station leading to the Grawand. Mountain biking cover a distance of 24.2 kilometers, must elapse 11.8 km, 6.2 km past the tackles on alpine skis.

How to celebrate Easter in South Tyrol

The Easter holidays are the most important, and therefore prevent a large preparation. On Maundy Thursday, the dyed Easter eggs. Use old natural method - in onion skins. On Easter Sunday are then eggs in a basket along with ham and bread, consecrated in church. Outside the church, you will also come across the traditional "fight". Opponents can take two hard-boiled Easter eggs and throwing them in a row. The one whose egg remains intact, wins. On Easter Sunday and Monday from South Tyrol children receive gifts from godparents. Often it is the bread "fochaz". It is baked from sweet yeast dough and shape tends bunnies, hens or Wreat.

Easter interesting events to which People come from far and wide, is Preisguffen - the egg competition - in the village of Niederdorf / Villabassa near Toblach / Dobbiaco. People bring boiled eggs and compete in pairs, who has the hardest eggs and tapping the tip of his eggs to the opponent. The winner is the person whose egg "survive". This year, the cheerful event falls on April 5.

Asparagus weeks

Also, you love asparagus, whose season just starting out? Then would you like to Weeks asparagus in Terlan. Asparagus is in a fertile valley Etschtal grown since the 19th century. He finds that good; Trinity villages Terlan, Vilpiano and Sieben-eich even nicknamed "asparagus triangle".
Weeks asparagus are held in nine local restaurants, begin March 31 and ends May 31. You can taste as "local classics" - South Tyrol asparagus with bacon, boiled potatoes and gravy Bolzano. What could be better local wine Sauvignon. The local varieties of asparagus is named Margarete and you can buy it here as well.

Recipe: Asparagus with Bolzano sauce

Ingredients: 2 kg of asparagus, 1 tablespoon butter, vinegar, oil, 4 eggs, 2 tablespoons chopped chives small and parsley. Salt, sugar, pepper, mustard, juice of one lemon
Preparation: Wash the asparagus, peel and cut the rigid part. Put the pan and cover with water so that it is submerged. Add a pinch of salt, sugar, cover and simmer for 20 minutes.
Sauce: Cook the eggs eight minutes, let it cool and peel. Remove yolks, mash it, blend with oil, pepper, mustard, vinegar and a little lemon. Serve on hot plates of asparagus, sauce separately.
Serve with boiled potatoes and sliced ​​bacon South Tyrol.

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